If I knew more about hockey itself, maybe I'd be a little less bored and a lot more excited.

It's the last stretch of the season, just a couple of months left....more

Team-Building Games: Not Just for Kids!

Lessons learned in childhood stay with us forever, so it is therefore important we teach children the important social skills they will need in order to grow and succeed as adults. Team spirit is one such essential skill. No matter what profession a person takes up,  she will have to work as a part of a team at some point in her professional career as well as in her personal life—which is essentially in almost every experience. Team spirit, in fact, helps inculcate many other important values in an individual like discipline, dedication, consistency and flexibility, to name a few....more

Would You Jump Off A Cliff To Be Part Of A High-Performance Team?

It seems not so long ago that jumping off cliffs was the "it" corporate activity to transform dysfunctional teams into high-performance ones. The idea was to take team members who barely talked to each other in the office, and certainly didn't trust each other, and have them spend a few days experiencing the physicality and adventure of rope climbing. ...more

Unless you work in the food business, lol! I've been to a few team building events around ...more

Italy's Olympians

A few people have asked me to weigh in on the Olympics, although I must say, I was so proud of the Italians that I really didn’t have a barb ready and waiting to put fingertips to keyboard.  Proud, first because our athletes were so awesome.  And I didn’t care about the medals.  The coverage of their stamina, their training and dedication was very awe-inspiring, especially the women.  ...more