Fighting Blood Cancer with Candy? Team in Training.

Cece does not eat candy…so when she promised a friend that she would donate candy to her fund raising effort for Team in Training, she thought, “I better find out what type of candy people like that will be the best sellers!”  So, she Googled “What is everyone’s favorite candy?”  And Voila!  Out came a list!...more

OH! How We Love Him!

Yun ran into a man she has loved for 5 years .  She ran into him in a coffee shop after not seeing him for over a year.   Even though she was late for her lunch with her friends, she stood there in the sun talking to him for a long time…. admiring his gentle smile and soaking in his smoothing words. Cece loves this same man too! She writes:...more

Happy Father's Day and with Good Cause

With Father's Day soon approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the dad's in the world, especially the incredibly special men in my life.This time of year also tends to be somewhat somber for me as well as I lost my father well over a decade ago to a blood-related cancer.I can't believe how much time has passed and how much my life has changed since.Also, within the year of my father's death, another supportive and loving man in my life, who also means very much to me, my step-father, was diagnosed with a blood cancer too....more