The other day I became a part of a conversation about whether or not it was healthy to shed a few tears. What was interesting about this conversation was not that most of the people who responded said that it was healthy, but that the idea that shedding a few tears is not healthy.  ...more

Cry me a River

I was prepared to cry on my wedding day and made sure my beloved grandmother's hankerchief was accessible.I was prepared to cry at the birth of each child and packed my labor and delivery bag with my latest waterproof mascara.I was not prepared however to cry at our Costco total....feeding a family of five is apparently  tear worthy, who knew?!Just call me waterworks....more

tear ducts should come with a remote

I had emergency surgery to have an ovary removed just before Christmas of 2010. When I returned to work six weeks later, surgery stories were my welcome-back present. One lady told me how her hysterectomy stole her tears. Where she once cried over the turmoils of toe-stubbing, her kids were now concerned she was a sociopath. After listening to her, I turned to my friend and said, “I’d pay for that surgery.” She responded with, “Ew.” My friend doesn’t know what it’s like to feel zero control over your emotions....more

Grateful to Saturday

I ended Friday with a bit of a broken heart. It was a balance of professional disappointment and personal heartache. There are invitabilities in work and home for all of us, lately they just seem to be throttling closer and closer to home in such a way that I get it—I can’t control it....more

and so it is.... waiting game

And so it is.... (one of my most favorite sayings)... in this case, and so it is Saturday night. Today I became very emotional when watching a LMN movie about adoption... although I have seen the movie 20 times, or even more for that matter, I cried... and I cried like a baby. My husband and I are both expecting our first child. Our daughter could show up any day now. Our due date is May 10th. It's getting so close, and right now I feel like it could be tomorrow... It's almost as if she's punching me in the legs, so close....more

Tears On My Pillow

If you read my blog post from a couple of days ago, you know I haven't been having the greatest week.  I don't  know if it's even the actual circumstance or the hormonal hell that is menopause....more
 @Kraken Thank you, honey!!  You're an angel!more

The Best Christmas Present Ever

I reached a new level in my Mama experience this Christmas. My boy H made me a gift (with Grammi’s help)! It was the first time he has ever made a gift for me. Oh. My. Goodness.The tears welling up in my eyes really took me off guard as I unwrapped it and saw what it was. My heart EXPLODED when I opened this treasure....more

Pouring rain, a pink camo bandaid, and the king of distractions...

Today was baby girl's one month check up at the pediatrician.  Simple enough.  Right?  Wrong.  Add in the biggest rainstorm of the summer and her first shot at the doctor's office (that somehow I either didn't know about or forgot about) and you have a very upsetting visit.  For everyone.  ...more

Mommy milestones and happy tears

A quick check on Google can send your brain into a million directions.  Is my baby following my voice with her eyes?  Does she respond to noise appropriately?  There are millions of websites that list baby milestones and when your baby "should" do things.  I'm making a vow as a new mommy not to OVERLY worry and stress about these things.  I'm going to try to focus on solely my baby's milestones, no matter when they happen, and mine too.  We will celebrate them, instead of googling them....more

A long, emotional year

The end of a long year   ...more