Getting into open source software... why is it so darn hard?

I am not dumb. I have worked on DNA scanners (slide: DNA helix). I've worked on gadgets that went into airplanes and race cars (slide: me in a flame suit sliding into a NASCAR though the window). I've seen my work on Target's shelves when I did children's toys (slide: toy). I've had my own company (slide: logo) and I gave it up to make a gizmo that fights crime (slide: me, in pink sweater, firing AK47). I've done really cool stuff. I have written articles and hold patents. I have a blog (slide: dead plant). <!--break--> ...more

What I Plan To Do Next

 Thought I'd try this "PicApp plug-in" thingy. I think this answers one of the questions I had earlier. Cool. ...more

Wow, thanks so much for the positive feedback! BlogHer rocks! I just got started and already ...more

Some Things I Need To Know

      There is still much I need to know, want to know, about blogging: ...more

Spotify will make piracy pontless

Spotify is developing an application for Android mobile phones with capabilities to store and access playlists without an internet connection. The streaming music service released as teaser video of its Google Android app, with plans for further details today at the Google I/O developer's conference in San Francisco. ...more

Geeky Mom: Stay Ahead of Your Kids with All Things Digital App

My kiddos think they are the experts on all things tech. I admit I use them. For FREE. They are best tech consultants in my neighborhood. But sometimes I want to catch up and maybe even know something new and cool first. ...more

Live-blog tonight, 9pm: Blogging, Journalism and Social Media

Please consider joining me and a talented panel of women who blog as we discuss the crossroads of blogging, journalism and social media. You will find the live-blog here, starting at 9pm. ...more

Conservative Women have a tech toy?

We were looking for some inexpensive cameras to do some promotional videos and came across a "flip mini" camera splattered with a pink GOP logo. Tech toys for conservative chicks?! Pic after the break... ...more

mixwit, mixwit! sis boom ba!

I have a new addition to my weekly music researching roster: the still-beta, super-cute plaything, Mixwit ( I love it. You can search other mix-tapes (which are regularly played while I work on my catalogue), save your favorites, and even "follow" select kick-ass folks who regularly construct outstanding playlists. Like itsmematt. Today's track is lifted from his most recent mix-tape. I wasn't familiar with Firekites, so thanks, um, Matt (?)   for the introduction! ...more