FTC: Tech Support Scams are baaaaack!

They’re back, and they’re scarier than fangy blood sucking ghosts: tech support scammers. They want to suck you dry of your last penny. ...more

Using Tech Support to Set Up Your New Devices

There are some things in life that require a “professional” to get the job done properly. You wouldn’t let your cousin Larry who’s a landscaper reset a broken bone in your hand right? You can certainly go to a hardware store and buy all the wood to build a deck, but just because you know how to swing a hammer doesn’t mean the deck will be safe, or even up to code....more

The Hidden Words in Our Marriage Vows

Last week was our fourteenth wedding anniversary. This week, I experienced computer problems again and, as usual, relied on my husband, tech support, to fix them. Which gave me pause to consider how some of the words in our wedding vows have taken on different meanings. Thanks to my husband's packrat behavior, he was able to pinpoint where a copy of miscellaneous wedding things were in the house. ...more

Genius, technology, and the human problem

Yesterday, my iPhone melted down and died. It became too hot to touch, was locked in a reboot loop, and emitted a strange odor. Thirty minutes later, the iPhone was cold to the touch: dead. After contacting Apple Support, and running through a set of standard tests, they told me to get to a Genius Bar for a replacement phone... ...more