Technical Difficulties Delay Garden Duties


Today has been, for the most part, a real exercise in frustration. I've been trying to move my blog from the subdomain where it currently resides to its own dedicated domain, which I would have thought would be fairly straightforward (ha!), but have been having a real hair-pulling time of it. ...more

Is there anybody out there? Nod if you can hear me.

It’s funny. I think of myself as a fairly technical and handy person.  That is, except when it comes using the telephone. I don’t know what it is about the phone.  It isn’t a new gizmo or gadget.  It shouldn’t be difficult to use.  But, to me, for whatever reason it is.  I guess I am just not telephone savvy.  Call waiting still throws me for a loop, I always lose someone.  When I try to transfer a call at work to another person’s extension, without fail I always end up hanging up on the poor person I was trying to transfer.  The only way I can manage a conference call is to use a call in number. If I try to coordinate conferencing in two lines on my own, the result is never pretty....more

Before I started to spend so much time on the phone for work…. Now, like you, my intentions are ...more