Fool-Proof Recipe for Incredibly Juicy, Delicious Turkey

What's the biggest complaint about turkey dinners (besides the somnific quality of the tryptophan contained in the main course)? Dry, bland meat. There is nothing worse than eating dry turkey. Unless, of course, the gravy that accompanies it is bland. Ok ok, there are lots of things that are worse. But as far as traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meals go, serving up a dry bird with bland gravy is practically a cardinal sin....more
I have a question. Is the turkey supposed to be covered at any point? Should I maybe cover it ...more

Be Set Free Fast: Emotional Release Technique

One element of why I love what I do is because I am introduced to all sorts of healing modalities. Some are easily implemented into an individual’s life, while others remain dependent on the support of practitioners. I’d like to share with you one which starts off requiring the support of a practitioner mainly for necessity of “training” you to be comfortable with the set-up procedure but is then easily taken home and implemented whenever you may feel the need to removing any new blocks that present themselves....more

After 30 years, a new "technique" for living

By Rachel Dent Along my thirty-year career path I created a $100 million dollar business, a great deal of stress for myself, and discovered the Alexander Technique. ...more

Foam your face good!

What does face care have in common with foam, other than the first letter in their spelling? ...more

Grounded Walking

If you feel disconnected, or completely stressed, and you need to re-connect with yourself, and become more calm, a "grounded walk" can be helpful for more: ...more