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Are YOU addicted to technology?

Like other substance addicts, tech-crazed geeks live in a state of denial. Let's face it, if you're reading Gizmodo, you're probably addicted to technology to some degree. But just how addicted are you? Take this simple test to find out. ...more

iPhone Apps for New Mothers and Mothers-to-be

This is a very popular app for expecting mothers.  It is the Pregnancy Tracker from   ...more

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Parenting in the Digital Age


Do schools have the right to spy on kids?

TheOnlineMomIn a chilling reminder of what's possible in this all-seeing, privacy-invading digital world, a Pennsylvania couple has filed a lawsuit against a school district, accusing them of spying on children by remotely activating webcams on school-issued laptops.They say their son was told off by teachers for "engaging in improper behavior in his home" and that the evidence was an image from his webcam....more

Momspotting: Dear Product Manager, Can You Make Me THIS?

This week in Momspotting, I noticed some cries for help to the captains of industry.If only. If only.Electrolux? Are you listening?...more

here is the vision:

Built in to an attractive watch/bracelet are a series of ...more

My GPS Device Is A Whore

I am infamous for my potty mouth while driving - something I'm not particularly proud of and have really made an effort to clean up over the past few years.  When my daughter was ten, I took her and her best friend on a road trip from Texas to Florida. By the end of the trip they had nicknamed me Sharon Osbourne...not a compliment and I'm pretty sure the mom of the other ten-year-old was not real impressed....more

The Animal Cam as Reality Show

If you are one of the thousands who "witnessed" the birth of Lily the Bear's new cubs - via web cam - then you already know how technology brings us into the dens, nests, pens, warrens, water holes and stalls of so many animals. ...more

Hey Maria,

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Helpful Tweeting

A lot of people within the social media world describe Twitter as a way to have a conversation and engage people. And while I agree with that, I think that’s a bit vague — what does it mean to “engage” people on Twitter? How do you have a “conversation” on Twitter? I’d like to piggyback on Christy’s post from Tuesday, which talks about finding and exchanging information via Twitter. That’s one good way to use the site, and I do it too. I did, however, want to draw attention to another example of a great way to use Twitter that happened to me last week....more