Put the hose down and step away from your lawn? Really?

I am a scientist, sustainability expert and Santa Monica resident. Unless you have been living under a rock lately, the daily news feed is all about the California drought. It has been a 4 year drought, and counting, but I really don’t think most people know that. ...more

When music gets smarter and wearable

New smarter and wearable innovations in music to look out for: http://bit.ly/smartwearablemusic...more

Without a smart son, I wouldn't know what to do with my Smart Phone: being an older mom


5 Things That The Sony SmartWatch 3 Can’t Do (And Things That It Can)

I have been enjoying my experience using my Sony Xperia Z3 tremendously. It is a great smartphone and I have integrated the Z3 into all aspects of my life (as my business and personal phone)....more

Kindness Wins: How to Teach Children to Be Kind Online

In Kindness Wins, Galit walks the reader through ten online habits to teach and model. She strings together the practical guidelines with engaging real-life anecdotes and ends each chapter with a timely article to read and conversation starters for your kids and your friends. ...more

Learn something new in 2015 with 5 Free Online Education Sites

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"Nelson Mandela Getting free education online from the world's best and highest ranked universities?Yes, it is possible! Best of all is it is accessible to anyone, anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.Is it really free you may ask?...more

I Want It Now Syndrome

During our lives we have come across situations where basically we become toddlers all over again.When a child turns two or three they get into a phase where waiting is a royal pain in the butt. However, as "mature and reasonable" adults we also engage in the "I Want It Now Syndrome".Recently I've had to deal with an issue with my wireless company about a situation where one of my devices and lines was blocked due to an error of someone in a technical department.  ...more

Episode 54: Nobody Likes A Smart Arse!

Oh how I wish I wasn’t such a dunce with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around a computer (at least enough to be able to use the basics for home and work), and I can manage to call and text from my mobile phone (aren’t I clever)?! but that is just about all I can do, and I feel like I am not only missing out, but lagging behind!...more
Wendy of the Rock A woman after my own heart!more

Ap(p)t : Partner stalking??

How would you feel, if some one decided to give you all of their attention? If every time you walked down a road, you felt a pair of eyes following your back? How would you feel if someone was constantly watching your every move, observing every breath of yours? Those prying, insistent eyes gazing fixedly, drinking in what you wear, what you eat and what you speak? Those eerie eyes which stare at you from the shadows following wherever you go, whom you meet where you sleep....more

The Guide to Using Google Drive Offline