5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Hosting Plan

Choosing a web hosting plan seems rather straightforward for the most part. Most novice webmasters simply go for the most popular providers without putting much thought into it. While it's true that just about any hosting plan will work to put a basic site online, if you have plans of “doing it big” or you demand the highest quality service for your investment, then it would be beneficial to do some research and conduct a thorough comparison....more

When Everyone Around You Is Staring at Their Device

So I noticed tonight just how "normal" it is for everyone to be so hooked on technology. I was sitting watching a movie I was streaming from Netflix, playing on Facebook on my phone, while also completing a review on my laptop. I looked over at my husband, who was either perusing Craigslist or watching some random YouTube video. ...more
While i was in Thailand and had no phone I realised how much people didn't talk to each other in ...more

Life After Computers

Why I Allow My Children to Use Technology as Much as They Want

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more

Mobile Device Management – Is There An Upside?

It’s not just the news cycle that’s 24 hours – it’s the workday too. Or at least it feels it, given that every employee has a mobile device making them accessible ALL the time. And this leaves companies to sort out ways to make online access as to proprietary data “safe” around the clock too!...more

My Awesome Apple Watch

Apple Watch – Being an Apple fanatic, owning an Apple Watch was my motto! Finally, I am a proud owner of “Apple Watch Sport edition” (Gold Aluminium Case with Antique white sports brand), all thanks to my Saturday shopping trip to Apple store. I can’t stop raving about the awesome capabilities that the watch renders on your wrist. You just wear it like a watch and voila!...more

5 Types of Texts to Send to Your Partner Every Day

Researchers Lori Schade, Jonathan Sandberg, Roy Bean, and Sarah Coyne found that texting between partners could either help or hurt a relationship. For women, using texts to apologize, work out differences, or make decisions was associated with lower relationship quality. For men, too-frequent texting was associated with lower relationship quality....more
Great ideas! I'm bad to to just text needed things like, don't forget to pick up celery at the ...more

Drop your phone and pick up a book


The truth about being an old soul born in the wrong decade

*Courtesy of Boston Public LibraryMy actual age vs. the age in my heart.*Currently playing: The Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel*...more

Bringing Philanthropy to Dating: Meet Sonya Davis

Sonya and I met while we were both members of San Francisco State Marketing Association. She is currently the CEO of Netqr. A dating app that combines philanthropy and dating. But let her tell you about it. Trust me, she is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. Epifania: What was your childhood like?...more