An Interview with Academy Award Winner Mary Steenburgen of "Four Christmases"

I love Mary Steenburgen. She's one of those actresses who slips in and out of roles, seemingly with little effort and she brings a quiet, steely, strength to whatever character she plays. Her latest movie, "Four Christmases" is about a couple, Kate and Brad (Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn) whose yearly plan to avoid family Christmases is thwarted by a blizzard. Since their parents are divorced, that means four visits with four sets of dysfunctional parents, siblings, step-siblings and significant others. Mary Steenburgen plays Kate's Mom, Marilyn. ...more

That must have been fun!  Though probably also hard work. 

Thanks for the ...more

"Damages" Nominated For Four Golden Globes

The Golden Globe nominations came out yesterday and FX's legal thriller "Damages" got four nominations, the most for any television show. It's up for Best Drama, Best Actress (Glenn Close), Best Supporting Actress (Rose Byrne), and Best Supporting Actor (Ted Danson). That's pretty good for a show that was almost canceled due to low ratings. According to TV Guide Glenn Close had this to say: "I am thrilled to be nominated and doubly thrilled that [the executive producers] and Ted [Danson] and Rose [Byrne] are nominated as well. Damages represents one of the best teams I've ever had the privilege of working with." Now anyone that follows the crazy awards show season knows the Golden Globes are kind of like pretty curtains on a wall with no windows. Fun, but totally unnecessary. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the architect of the Golden Globes, is a shadowy organization of about ten guys from Canada who years ago got together one day in a bar and said, "Let's put on an awards show!" Read This Entire Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

"Damages" On DVD In January

My favorite television legal thriller "Damages" is coming out on DVD on January 29, 2008. It'll be a three disc set with all 13 episodes, behind the scenes featurettes, and deleted scenes and bloopers. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

Loyal Fans Win "Damages"

The jury is in and loyal fans of excellent television drama have won their "Damages." I'm so excited, I could spit! The suits at FX finally got their keisters in gear and made the no-brainer decision to renew. Read This Complete Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

"Damages" Recap - Episode 13: Because I Know Patty

In honor of the "Damages" finale, this is a special live blog of the finale of "Damages" as it happens. I'm losing sleep over this guys, so I hope you enjoy it. We start this final episode the same way we started the first episode. The operatic music cut with the stylized shots of New York and the ringing of the elevator bell as we cut to the entrance of Patty's apartment building. Ellen's listens to David's message about the videotape. Ellen's attacker opens the door with a key and lures Corey out to the patio with a treat. This guy's well-dressed and doesn't look like Scruffy the Killer's accomplice, but okay. He's looking for something but what? Corey starts barking and Ellen gets up. She fights with the attacker and he falls on the knife. She runs out. Scruffy the Killer is sitting outside with...his accomplice! The elevator bells rings and there's bloody Ellen running out. Right past Scruffy the Killer and the accomplice. The accomplice gets back in the car and as they recognize Ellen, they beat it out of there. So if it wasn't Scruffy's accomplice, who was Ellen's attacker? Read This Complete Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

Should "Damages" Be Cancelled?

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. Ellen Gray, the television writer for thinks so. She makes some interesting points in this article about why the show should end after tonight's finale. Some excerpts: "I want to get to the bottom of this twisted mystery as much as anyone. I'm just not interested in seeing the producers of "Damages" try to top themselves in a second season, something I don't think could be done without snapping the all-too-slender thread that ties the world of legal piranha Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) to reality." ...more

Hi Cynthia,

Your phrase "penalizing excellence" is exactly the point Mary McNamara of the Los ...more

"Damages" Recap - Episode 12: There's No "We" Anymore

This is the episode we've all been waiting for. The one with the red herrings and the real answers. The one we knew was coming from the very beginning. The one that broke my heart. Ellen and poor, doomed David are in bed contemplating their wedding rings and how they'll have to wear them for the rest of their lives. They're all cute and sad. Cute because they're so sincere and sad because we know it won't happen. Ellen insists David doesn't try his on because it's bad luck. Instead she wants him to lock both rings up in their "hiding place." The phone rings and all of us except David know it's Patty. Ellen listens for a minute and then says she'll be there right away. She lies to David, telling him it was her sister and she needs to go to her. "She's in the village. They had another fight." A while later Ellen walks into Patty's office and sees poor Ray Fiske still propped up against the wall. He's dead, dead, dead and Ellen gasps in horror. Patty walks up behind her. "He shot himself. I need your help." Patty gives Ellen the folder with the evidence against Ray and says no one, not even David can know what he was doing there. This is the first time we've seen Patty this scared---except of course for the beach house freak out---and you can tell it's killing her to have to depend on someone else. "Ellen, I can trust you?" She asks fearfully. Ellen nods. Opening credits. Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

Catch The "Damages" Marathon

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. Thanks to loyal reader Joy for letting me know about the "Damages" marathon that will air on FX this Saturday October 20 starting at 8AM. For those of you who might have missed an episode here or there, power up the DVR's and use this chance to catch up before the big finale next Tuesday. Then come on back to Megan's Minute. and read the recaps. You'll be glad you did. Also, at the end of next week's finale, I'll be posting a special recap summarizing all the action and shocking revelations. As always, the recap of last night's show (Episode 12) will be posted by Friday. ...more

"Damages" Recap - Episode 11: I Hate These People

As we get closer and closer to the "Damages" finale the bodies are starting to add up quicker than you can say Arthur Frobisher, and in this episode, Mr. Deep Fried Southern Charm finds himself going toe to toe with his conscience. We open in a flashback. Ellen's walking and talking in the park with Hollis Nye. She's explaining why she quit Hewes and Associates. Nye is astonished, but Ellen correctly points out Patty would never have tolerated being treated the way Patty treated her, even as a first year associate. So why should she? She had no interest in being Patty's "punching bag." Way to go, Ellen. When she asks Nye for a job he tells her not to let life pass her by. Plan her wedding. Take a vacation. Ellen asks, "Is that's a no?" I'm thinking it is. Flash forward eight days later and Patty's still on her magical, mystery road trip to hell. She pulls in for gas and while pumping, she finally takes off those freaky glasses and notices the blood on her shoe. In the tacky gas station bathroom she tries to wet a paper towel but there's no water. So instead she spits on it and frantically works on the spot. This bathroom scene is shot from overhead giving us the feeling of the walls closing in on Patty in more ways than one. Opening credits. Read This Complete Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

Is "Damages" In Trouble?

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. According to this article "Damages" may be in danger of not being renewed. The article was written by Matea Gold. Here's an excerpt: "While the intricately plotted legal thriller starring Glenn Close and Ted Danson has garnered a passionate following, it has not been as sizable as the cable network had hoped. By the end of each week, episodes have averaged a cumulative viewership of 4.9 million people, including 2.4 million 18- to 49-year-olds. Live viewing, on which the network bases most of its ad sales, is substantially lower." "The ratings are pretty middling," said John Landgraf, president of FX Networks. "It's nothing to write home about." ...more