Why Do You Work For Free?

Drowning is not a little issue. It is a global public health epidemic and we need to treat it like one. I know of only 5 organizations in the field that have a decent balance sheet – and their primary purpose isn’t even drowning prevention. Where is our Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation? Our World Wildlife Fund?...more

Can Films Teach Positive Role Models To Kids?

How many times have you seen films where the protagonist is male? More than I can count on my fingers. How many female protagonists have been featured in films? Not enough. I was inspired to write about this topic after hearing a segment of TED Talks where the topic was "How Movies Teach Manhood". The speaker, Colin Stokes (previously stage & screen actor, currently Director of Communications for Citizen Schools) spoke about the inequity of role models for kids. ...more

The Scribbler et al

Oh, I love fun things! And look what I found today! For FREE! I was watching "TED Talks: Smart Laughs" on NetFlix this afternoon. One of the speakers was Ze Frank, who is a genius at comedy and software programming. He had a terrific presentation, "Ze Frank's Web Playroom"  In addition, he is wacky and comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff. If you have time to spare, or need a break when you don't, try his web site out for size....more
@Jerrilynn Just checking back in to find your warm greetings. Thanks so much. Much love to you ...more

The Impact of Sexual Shame

Why is sex always surrounded by shame? Shame is not guilt. Guilt is an internal notion about a specific action. Shame is an external force exerted by others. Shame tells you not that you've done something bad, but that you are something bad. That idea takes away your autonomous control over your sexuality. And anybody who wants to take your autonomous control over your sexuality does not have your best interest at heart. ...more
First of all, I really like this video. HOWEVER, I do have two criticisms of it.   1) While I do ...more


Today's post is just a simply hello, and good night. I've decided to take this evening to simply read everyone's December post contribution, and comment. Here's a video for you to enjoy. ...more

On Parent & Childfree Regrets

As the childfree know, parents are often convinced that we will eventually regret our decision not to have kids. In talking to thousands of childfree in the last 10+ years, I can say that not one person has spoken of regret. Some ponder what it might have been like to be a mother/father, but not to where they wish they'd made another choice....more

Tech Podcasts You'll Want to Hear

These days almost everyone I know has some sort of smartphone, definitely has an iTunes account, and is usually plugged in some way or another. I know I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in my car waiting: waiting for my kids to arrive at the bus stop after school, waiting for the nurse to call me back to the exam room for my appointment, waiting for my oil to be changed. I realize that some of you may like a little down time, and I agree. But I find myself also wanting to make the most of that time and if I can listen to a podcast that has the double-bonus of being interesting while I learn something, I'd just as soon be plugged in. ...more

I like listening to podcasts while I am doing some mundane chore at home that does not ...more

We Must Create What We Most Need to Find

I came upon this quote on Sabrina Ward Harrison's website today on a quest for details about her "True Living Project" opening this week in New York. Harrison's one of those wunderkind artists who discovered early in her twenties that talent is transformed by brutal vulnerability. Her critically acclaimed art journals spill secrets as quickly as paint. ...more

OMG, is she the one? when I look at her work, it makes me want to cry [ and then get to work ...more

The Rise of Creative Culture

Cross Posted to Future Majority Larry Lessig is well known as a brilliant legal mind and nerd extraordinaire, but his recently posted Ted Talks video showed me a side to him I was excited to see. Larry has our backs. See Video Here After explaining to the older leaning Ted audience what a mashup or remix was and showing some of my favorite examples, Lessig explains to them ...more

Jehane Noujaim: Changing the World Through The Power Of Film

If you could have just one wish and one wish only, what would it be? Better yet, what if you knew that a thousand of the world's most innovative thinkers just might back you up if your wish inspired them the way it inspires you? What would you wish then? ...more

i really think we could do something amazing for maternal health that would raise consciousness ...more