I May Have Saved an Old Lady from Elder Abuse. Or Not. It's Tough to Say.

Recently I’ve tried to change my attitude towards myself and BE NICER.  This all started on the tennis court.  Beating myself up after every missed shot didn’t help my game any, plus my throat would get sore from whisper-yelling “You missed another ball, you sloppy buttchunk!” to myself after every play.  I decided to start treating myself as if I were cheering for my kids, meaning I would stop ranting under my breath, stay cheerful, and remind myself to get ready for the next ball....more
Thank you! I play with her next week! :)more

New York City Street Art – Kids’ Stuff or Serious Business?

(To see the photographs that go with this text, please click on my blog, "A Rolling Crone.") http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com I spent last weekend (May 13 – 15) visiting Manhattan, doing chores and seeing people. I fully intended to go to the Metropolitan Museum to take in some interesting new exhibits, but I never got there. But while running around Park, Madison and Fifth Avenues, I got a major dose of art which was just sitting around on the street. ...more