Homeschooling a child with behavior issues...well he really doesn't have those

So my son is starting his first day of homeschooling tomorrow.  I am so excited, but at the same time terrified because he is in the 10th grade and Ifinally decided to take him out of public school after years of his not being able to function.  For many years we were told he was a child with behavior problems.  He couldn't sit still, he was not able to pay attention in class, he had ADHD...blah blah blah blah.  My son has always been afflicted with one issue, he is an African American/Black boy.  That was it....more

If you kid plays football, read this

My husband is from Alabama, where football is HUGE. (Even non-football fans will likely have heard of the Alabama vs. Auburn football rivalry.) He wants our son to play football and I'm completely against based on everything I read about concussions and CTE.I've posted about NFL players developing CTE (an Alzheimer's-like diseased caused by multiple concussions) and several having committed suicide because of it. And now there's a new study that shows the effects of concussions may start even earlier.A recent study of 75 college students found some disturbing results....more

July 11th 1993 – The Topic of Every Age and Generation – SEX!

I’m on an airplane at the moment! And the sun is about to set! Cool! Yesterday evening was way excellent! I took a nap before chow time and I had the most crazy dream!! There was a huge metal yellow dinosaur. It was ravishing a school and you could see the smoke rising up from the town below! I knew it was a trick or a joke but no one in the school did and they were freaking out! Then the dream switches – all of the crew who are with this reef trip were in a big building hanging out doing various things, like reading and paying cards etc....more

July 6th 1993 – The Giant Clam Farm

My Dream: Me and Ethan were walking around a city hanging out. At one point he left, and when I found him I grabbed his collar and told him, “you’ve screwed me over twice now – never do it again!” And I screamed this! Then we went and checked out these huge markets! When I was checking out this one stand, I grabbed this shirt that was woven and pretty see through. I tried it on. Then I went back and found Ethan leaving my clothes at the stall. When I found Ethan, he was in the yard of a huge mansion talking to Andrew McCarthy....more

May 21st 1993 – Adventures in Dream Land

Here I am again at 10:30am to write about last night adventures in dream land. Well, there was a party! I got really drunk and I didn’t remember most of it, but I do remember that houses. At least on the outside, they were terrace houses and they were virtually identical. Other than their color, just a fraction of a shade different! But I noticed it and kept staring at the line where the two houses met. Examining it, and looking at the two houses and finding every difference I could....more

Letters Home - May 2nd 1993

Mom, My God, I just came to a weird realization.  Something just clicked!  Remember when you used to tell me that I was really mean and nasty at home but to everyone else I was really nice and cheerful?  Well, check this out!  Emiri is a person who (especially lately) will literally stomp around the house and slam doors  and act perfectly miserable and cranky and like she is just mean and nasty....more

April 30th 1993 – Common Cause & Purpose

I have so much on my mind! Ah! My largest problem is the fact that I think way too much and I’m in one of those deep thoughts, walk with your head tilted down, hair in the face, moods!!!! Oh well. These things come and go! But I am contented by the company I am in and my location! I’m at the Exchange Family Weekend. The usual lit hall late at night! Everyone doing their own thing. But first, last night. The local – Obo – Observer – as usual!...more

April 26th 1993 – A Fun Conception

April 26th 1993 – A Fun Conception Posted on April 26, 2013 by ...more

April 22nd 1993 – Drink’s at the Arizona

I’ll start with yesterday. My adventures started on the way to Karate. As I walked into the hallway I spotted a cute blond guy walking by on the street. I turned around and caught his eye and sure enough he followed me all the way to the door of the Dojo! it was very flattering – he was kinda cute but he cruised. Ok now onto today. I had a great and easy day at school. I hardly had any real lessons! It’s amazing how much school I miss – it never seems to matter to terribly much. Karate tonight was pretty good....more

A Side of Charcoal

Growing up, my dad was a minister in the Methodist church, which meant every summer we would ...more