Should Your Kids Be on

There's a new social app on the scene that is becoming very popular amongst tweens and teens, Users of the app are called Musers, which I think is a very fitting name. reminds me of Instagram except instead of sharing photos, users are sharing lip sync videos. Just like many social media sites, there are pros and cons. In the case of, I see some pretty big cons and recently when viewing videos with my kids, I said to myself, "I'm glad I didn't grow up in the age of social media." ...more

Maybe you won't have to nag your teen for a while

Last week I wrote about nagging your teen into being a safe driver. Maybe you won't need to worry about that after all. As it turns out, we have less teen drivers today than we've had in decades....more

If you are going to nag your teen, nag them about this

My son really, really wants to start the car for me. He is equal parts excited and unsure in this request. But excitement quickly overrules everything when I say yes....more

Worried about my generation

I spent a weekend at the beach with my girlfriends recently. And what I learned from them gave me hope: They reported that their children (mostly teens) were well behaved, not interested in dating or other risky behaviors and are quite academically inclined....more

When (and why!) your teenager will be less annoying

I ran across this piece (you can read it or watch the video) that includes a great analogy from the mother of teenagers: compares raising teens to an alien ship coming down and taking away her "normal" child and leaving her with an alien. Then returning when her teens are in their early 20s to give her back her offspring. (Ignore the ridiculous comment from the (man?) who thinks the woman stopped loving her kids during their teen years.)...more

Loki's Wolves

I finished reading an unexpectedly great book the other day.  I was doing so much cooking lately that I had to post the recipes first.  Now I am finally getting around to this book review that I have been meaning to write....more

20 Before 20

 Today on my blog I'm sharing 20 things I want to do before I turn 20 years old! There's things about my blog, about travel and in general just being adventurous and having fun before I exit my teen years.Check it out here!...more

What happens in your teen's (and preteen's) brain when you nag/criticize

First, let me say that I used the word "nag" because that's the word they used in the article. I think it's got some unfair negative connotations behind it, but let's ignore the semantics for a minute.A group from 3 universities (Harvard, U of Pittsburg and U of California-Berkeley) looked at the brains of 32 healthy pre-teens and teens while they listened to 2 30-second clips. Of the 32 participants, 22 were girls. One clip was the mom "nagging" and the other was the mom just talking about "irrelevant boring stuff like grocery shopping."...more

Homeschooling a child with behavior issues...well he really doesn't have those

So my son is starting his first day of homeschooling tomorrow.  I am so excited, but at the same time terrified because he is in the 10th grade and Ifinally decided to take him out of public school after years of his not being able to function.  For many years we were told he was a child with behavior problems.  He couldn't sit still, he was not able to pay attention in class, he had ADHD...blah blah blah blah.  My son has always been afflicted with one issue, he is an African American/Black boy.  That was it....more

If you kid plays football, read this

My husband is from Alabama, where football is HUGE. (Even non-football fans will likely have heard of the Alabama vs. Auburn football rivalry.) He wants our son to play football and I'm completely against based on everything I read about concussions and CTE.I've posted about NFL players developing CTE (an Alzheimer's-like diseased caused by multiple concussions) and several having committed suicide because of it. And now there's a new study that shows the effects of concussions may start even earlier.A recent study of 75 college students found some disturbing results....more