Walking Tall

Something upset my son recently, and it took me rather by surprise....more

Note to Self

Dear Teenage Me,You are so vibrant and full of life.  I want you to understand how valuable those qualities are, that you’re unique, special. It is difficult to find people in this life with those qualities, they’re rare, you’re rare.  Cherish them, be proud of them, they will serve you well....more

Teens and Secrets; Never Assume You Know

I know, I know...teenagers are infamous for keeping secrets. But there are secrets and then there are "secrets". There are the kind that lots of teens have; they tried beer at a party, they have a crush on the boy in their English class, they got a piercing...the there are the ones they keep to themselves, the dangerous ones that if revealed would shake the worlds of those that love and protect them, family members that stay awake nights praying for their safety and happiness. ...more
I hear you. So much of what you describe has been our story. It is painful to realize that this ...more

Overweight Teens | How Best To Talk About the Weight

It's not easy to lose weight. It seems even harder to talk about it. Even though it's everywhere on TV, even though there is a crisis in America, there is still a social stigma about weight. Now, imagine being an overweight teen today. It's even harder than before. Facebook & Twitter have made online bullying easier than before. More of our children are overweight than before....more

What If Your Daughter Dated An Abusive Boyfried?

I'm not trying to weigh in on the Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship thing, but I do know that I would not want my daughter dating a young man with his abusive history. ...more

Punked: The story behind my first postcard

Here’s the story behind my first Life’s Experiments postcard, a new project in which readers send in postcards to celebrate their courage in going out of their comfort zones. (I’ll publish the postcard on Monday.)My Tricky Teenage SonLess than 24 hours after I published my very first blog post, I squealed with delight when I checked in and saw the notification....more

Empty Nest's Silver Lining

I have been preparing for the empty nest for two decades. I hated it when my boys went off to nursery school. I was not one of those mothers who thought sleep away summer camp was a great idea. So when two of my three children went off to college in quick succession, I feared that this might not go very well. For me....more

Technology Apology

We like to complain about our kids. Doing so binds us as parents, as a generation, and can be a tiny reality check on the unabated bragging in which we would otherwise indulge. And nothing is more fun to complain about than our children’s attachment to technology.Call it an obsession or even an addiction, parents everywhere compare stories of teenagers’ seemingly limitless ability to text uninterrupted or play Xbox without coming up for air. Gather any group of parents and they will nod their heads knowingly. We can’t get their attention, because it is always elsewhere....more

Awkward Girl

Awkward Girl The way I see things is often different than the way the people in my life do. Of course, I'm always right. Remember that and we'll be okay. I was a pretty normal kid/teenager I'd say....more

Pilates and Peeing and Food

Yeah, I know. But that IS what this post is about. Last night was Pilates night. As always at the end of it, I was pleasantly body-happy; aware of each of my core muscles. How they stacked on each other, moved with one another. I could feel my posture, if you can dig it....more