Teens, Body Image and Feminism: Reflections of a Former Women's Magazine Reader

When I was twelve-years-old, I had a subscription to Seventeen magazine. I had Tiger Beat posters of C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe all over my bedroom walls. This was back in the day when The Outsiders was the popular movie (and book -- I must have read it five times). It was the time of drop-waisted mini-skirts and Sarah Jessica Parker was just a teeny-bopper on Square Pegs --my then-FAVORITE show! ...more

Recently a lot of folks have been referencing Sassy...

Somehow, I missed Sassy--it wasn't on ...more

Mommas Who Let Their Babies Grow Up To Be Bloggers

When you want to partake in the quintessential blog experience, get yourself to the nearest teen blog. Since blogging is really a form of journaling, it follows that teens would take to blogging like fire to a dry Southern California hillside! Delving into teen blogs is a little like visiting another dimension. They are so creative and unique, so earnest and open. And though teachers, parents, experts and even the FBI are constantly issuing warnings to teens about being careful--about not exposing too much or connecting with strangers-- teen bloggers will not be denied their freedom of expression. Teen sites are like wide open books. And as varied as they are-- from book reviews to celebrity gossip to religious ministries-- the teen blog is about honesty and revelation...and about the brave act of putting yourself--thoughts, ideas, passions and opinions-- out into the world....more

I have a blog with some of the women in my family.  It's full of crafts and posts about ...more