How Should Parents Deal With Teenage Heartbreak?

My oldest bio kid is a moody person.  He alternates between sullen, annoyed and morose.  Every now and then, we have a rare glimpse of a smile.  Although I will say his mood has improved as he has gotten a little older.  He just graduated high school, and he seems happier. A little.........more

I Am Not Ready For Endless Love

I was at my desk the other day, listening to my 80′s playlist on iTunes and grinding through my to-do list. Suddenly, the song Endless Love came on and I was whisked away to my teen days....more

VIDEO: How to Get Over A Break Up (By my Teen Daughter!)

LINKThis past summer I wrote about my 18-year-old daughter falling in love....more
I always found that this helped me get over my ex ...more