It's Not the End of Her Life: Why We Need to Destigmatize Teen Pregnancy

I was 17. I had just finished high school (a year early) and had been reunited with Irish. I had graduated three months before and had recently been given birth control pills by my dermatologist to combat my acne. It was the kind of pill that you had to wait until your menstrual cycle began to start taking. Only it never started....more
I can't even express how much I hate these ads, especially ones that talk about the children of ...more

Why Your Daughter Shouldn't Watch Teen Mom 2

Tonight, MTV airs the finale-after-the-finale special of Teen Mom 2 season two. At one time, I allowed my two daughters to watch this show with me. I no longer feel that's a good idea - so I stopped. This isn't a judgement call on those who let their daughters watch Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 or 16 and Pregnant. To start, there are real differences with all three shows. But that's not what this post is about. The post I'm linking to is simply a list of reasons why I believe Teen Mom 2 is bad for girls - and believe it or not, they are reasons you may not have heard yet....more

Dear Farrah: Don't leave Sophia.

Dear Farrah, I know you don't know me, and I don't know you. I mean, I've watched you go through your pregnancy on television (16 and Pregnant), then watched you parent your beautiful daughter, again on television through the show Teen Mom, so it feels like somehow I know you. I don't always agree with you, but I appreciate your spirit and tenancity.  ...more

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

I've noticed recently that my internet is angry. Really angry. Over the past few weeks, I have been linked again and again to things said by a certain person trying (and possibly succeeding) to be famous on the internet. Heather Clouse.Heather blogs here and on tumblr. She runs so many Facebook fan pages and groups that I've lost count. In at least one, she lists herself as a public figure. Her two main niche groups, though, are military wives and teen moms.So, why is my internet angry? I'm not a military wife, and I wasn't a mother during my teenage years....more

Is MTV Making Teen Pregnancy Worse With "Teen Mom?"

Where do I even start with this? What are MTV executives thinking? Where is the line when it comes to reality TV? Why was the MTV camera crew not named as accessories to the felony domestic abuse they witnessed and did nothing to stop? Where does MTV's responsibility begin when it comes to the lives of these children? And by children, I don't mean the babies. I mean the teen moms themselves, who are being blatantly exploited by MTV. There, I said it. ...more
I loved reading this article. Every thing you wrote was exactly how I felt about the show. Even ...more

Why Do We Love Reality TV Stars? They're Accessible.

Teen Mom, Sister Wives, the Real Housewives, the Roloffs, the Duggars, the Kardashians and let's not forget Jon and/or Kate and The 8: Reality show families are hotter than Movie Stars. It's true: CNN says so. ...more

Ha! Great post & so true!! I never thought about why realty stars are so intriguing but you make ...more

MTV's Teen Mom Falls Short, Bloggers Step Up

Newsflash: television doesn’t properly depict the life of a teen mom. I know, shocking, right? If you’ve watched any reality television, you’re aware that episodes only give us a glimpse into the heavily edited “real” reality. Teen Mom, a spin-off of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant follows original “cast member” moms through their babies’ first year. It’s kind of train-wreck-y, kind of interesting and a world away from most young moms’ experiences with parenting. ...more
@Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios Excellent point Miranda as a teen mom myself I completely ...more

From Teenage Mother to Parenting a Teenager - Ooooh, Scary

Occasionally, me and my Mom would get into a disagreement that would make my mom so fed up that she would force a conclusion to the discussion by saying, "Wait 'till you have your own kids. You'll see." As a kid, I felt like just getting that statement out of her meant that I had won the argument. Whatever she was saying that I did not agree with would be heard no more because I had forced a conclusion to the discussion. . But then there's the element of Kharma. ...more