All I Can Do... Is Be There for You

Your aunt and I drove over to the community college to pick you up yesterday afternoon.  You texted us:  You would be a little late because you were taking a test.  We ended up waiting a little bit in the lovely fall sunshine of northern California.  I grabbed my Starbucks soy latte and sat on a bench situated on one of the college’s expansive lawns.When you appeared, I asked you about the test.  Was it math?  Yep.  Did you do okay?  Nope....more

(On tv) who I'd meet if I could...


Reality tv shaping opinions?

Hulu Plus is now on xbox, and when I realized that the first 4 seasons of the Real World were available, my heart literally jumped. The first season of the Real World was the first tv show I really loved. It was with that season that my love of New York City was born. I was about 10 or 11 when the show first aired, and I thought these people were the epitome of cool. I realize now that the oldest cast member was 3 years younger than I am now, but watching the show again, they STILL seem crazy smart and "with it". I almost hate to admit it, but that season shaped a lot of my opinions....more

My life, My riddle

Today is the day I found the courage to jump in, I have had this little voice in my head telling me just do it for some time now. You see I have a natural tendency to doubt myself and a huge fear of never fitting in. The story of my life really, I am not who most people think I am at first glance and never have been who I thought id be. My life is a riddle and in vain I am consistently searching for the answer. ...more

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and ...more

word of the day

Why is it automatically assumed that being a stay at home mom means that every day you wake up to find that the word "maid" is written across your forehead for everyone to see and dump their unfinished responsibiities upon you. ...more

Five Reasons Why “16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom” Should Be Taken Off the Air--Editorial

From The general view of the MTV shows "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" is that they are train wreck television in all its tacky, dramatic and salacious glory. MTV said it wants to show the gritty reality of teen pregnancy, and that these shows serve as a warning to other young teens. Television shows need to be watchable, and garner enough interest to bring viewers back every week....more

Teen mom info

An issue that is near and dear to my heart – teen moms.  I know the struggle that they go through not just through their teen years but growing up while trying to nurture a baby/child.  Here are just a few ways to help moms find a relief valve. 1. Find someone you can trust to talk too....more

Plant a garden. Save some money. Grow a kid.

I lost Victoria, my mentee, to a foster home this week. Well... I didn't really lose her, but she has moved out of the teen shelter where we gardened together for the past couple of years. Today (for the first time) she woke up in a home with a real backyard. She's over the top happy - Aiden has other kids his age to hang with and Starbucks, her lifeline, is just around the corner. ...more

Love to compare notes as well. With gardening the plot always thickens...more