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So let me get right down to it...I was a teen mom.  I had my first-born child at the age of eighteen.  I gave birth to my son four months after I graduated High School in the year 1997.  I was frightened beyond belief, overwhelmed, ashamed, and excited all at the same time.  I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and felt an immediate sense of responsibility.  The irony of the situation was that I was a child having a child. ...more

We Were an Interracial Family for a Weekend

For a weekend, we were an interracial family of sorts.  My teen daughter is now in health class and part of the class requires students to bring home a "fake baby" for a weekend.  They offer an alternative to being a parent for a weekend which is an extensive writing assignment.  My daughter wanted to do the writing assignment but since she's a good writer, she knew that wouldn't be a monumental challenge for her so she opted to bring home baby.  I am proud of her choice.  She could have taken the easy way out and who could have blamed her?...more
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It smelled sterile and yet gross, the mixture of blood, urine, sweat, and bleach made my terrified stomach roll over. I wasn’t ready for this. My mouth was so dry. I swallowed to try to bring up something to make my tongue stop sticking to the top of my mouth but this only proved to make my throat ache instead.  I stood there in my PJ’s and sneakers waiting for someone to come and comfort me, make me feel better about this day and this situation. Instead they walked passed me and their cold stares judged me silently. “ She’s just a baby” I heard them whisper....more

It's Not the End of Her Life: Why We Need to Destigmatize Teen Pregnancy

I was 17. I had just finished high school (a year early) and had been reunited with Irish. I had graduated three months before and had recently been given birth control pills by my dermatologist to combat my acne. It was the kind of pill that you had to wait until your menstrual cycle began to start taking. Only it never started....more
I can't even express how much I hate these ads, especially ones that talk about the children of ...more

Today is World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day (WCD) has been organized by the European Society of Contraception since September 2007....more

You're Out of Here

The majority of my blog postings get started by me reading something in the news that really upsets me or that I feel really strongly about. The most recent issue in the news that's really grinding my gears is the one about Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Lousiana. They have a new policy where if they suspect a girl at their school is pregnant they will force her to take a pregnancy test....more

Motherhood Optional in Brazil

There's some good stuff happening in Brazil.  There is an organization there involved in changing "the embedded view in poor teenagers that suggests motherhood is a destination instead of a personal choice." Vera Cordeiro, Founder an...more

Being a Teenage Mummy - How It Turned My Life Around

I often get things the wrong way around (the world is a confusing place).  I have been known to put the sugar canister in the fridge; to put my car into gear intending to go forward, only to reverse at an unsuspecting bystander.  One of the most major wrong-way-around things that I have done is to become a mummy at the age of seventeen and then do the whole uni, career, marriage thing.  And while I would never advocate or encourage teenage pregnancy, I do want to share my experience and the good that has come out of it....more

Step 1: Making Babies

Am I really going there? Yeah, it just happened....more