What's the Right Answer When Your Teen Asks If You've Ever Smoked Pot?

But what happens when your kids ask you if you ever participated in such shenanigans? Inevitably, your teen will ask a tricky question such as: Have you even tried marijuana? How much did you party (i.e. drink) in high school? When did you lose your virginity? ...more

Holy Smokes, Vicki! Thanks for catching that. I feel terrible that I misrepresented this ...more

Sexting Expert: Teens Should Not Have Cameras on Cell Phones

Concerned your daughter may send naked pictures of herself to her boyfriend? Then you should not have given her a cell phone with a camera says, Dr. Sari Locker, a CNN contributor, sextologist, and Columbia University adolescent psychology professor. ...more

 It is really up to the parents tho, not anyone ...more

Midlife-Adolescence Crisis

I have this horrible feeling that instead of a mature mother rubbing off on and influencing my daughters, they are influencing me. Which has led me to the realization that I have become a midlife adolescent. Gone is the patience that surfaced on the first day that I needed to nurse my older daughter non-stop with twenty-minute intervals (meaning the day I brought her home from the hospital), until, well, the last few years (the patience, not the nursing). ...more

I must admit, with all the foibles and follies, I am so glad that I have daughters. While I ...more

Some thoughts on teen rebellion

Feeling a bit "homesick" I spent entirely too much time watching old German rock songs on YouTube last night. I came across an old one by Die Ärzte that I hadn't heard before, Rebell (Rebel). It is an interesting cry of a generation, with the first line perfectly expressing the rebellion we see in many youth today. German punk is interesting, much different than the English punk I used to listen to. (Am I revealing too much about my taste in music?) See what you think, but it has always come across as rather tame to me. ...more