A word to pregnant teens - You will be okay

25 years ago I became a teen mother.  This was not the life I expected, planned for all through my childhood, or thought would make my family proud.  I was 17 years old, no boyfriend, no baby skills, and was facing a life where people looked at me like I should be ashamed of myself because I had “made a mistake” and gotten MYSELF pregnant. This is my teen pregnancy story. ...more

Letter to my Daughters: 10 Reasons Not to Have Sex in High School

By hook or by crook I graduated high school a virgin and am grateful I did.Not because I didn't have to worry about pregnancy or STDs (although that was certainly a plus) and not because I thought it ensured me a place in heaven sitting at Jesus's right hand, but mostly because no one could judge me or call me a slut....more

The Suitcase Rule: What's Your Approach to Teen Sex?

When I was 17, I brought my first serious girlfriend to spend the weekend at my grandmother's ranch. Before we left, my mother took me aside to remind me of her mother's rule: our luggage would be placed in separate rooms. "Nocturnal traffic," as she put it, between my room and my girlfriend's would be ignored, provided that we were quiet. Is this this how I will raise my own daughter? ...more
@Jane Byers Goodwin NO, me too. Me too. ...more

Does your teen have an STD? The stats continue to worsen.

Last night, while posting my "hellos" on Facebook, I noticed someone I knew is dating someone I KNOW has an STD. Since I know both people, the alarms in my head warned me that drama could ensue. Ignoring the worry I could lose a friend, I picked up the phone. After all, this young lady could end up with an STD and I had the power to speak up. And so I did. The two involved, just out of their teen years, are like many young people today. You'd never suspect an STD, but that's what 1 in 4 have....more

Middle School Should (Still) Give You the Heebie Jeebies

A few years ago, a family member (I'll call her Wanda) was principal of a middle school. "Jane," a sixth-grader, asked her to mediate a conversation between her and her best friend, "Maria." Wanda thought this was a very mature suggestion, so she brought both girls into her office. "Maria," Wanda said, "Jane tells me she would like to discuss a recent misunderstanding." Jane nodded, then said, "I didn't really go down on your boyfriend." ...more

I loved your post about this topic....I am a school administrator and I deal with these ...more