Dirty Little Secrets: The Flip Side of Denying Girls Pleasure

Women in our culture are denied the opportunity to develop a sexual identity on their own terms. Instead girls (and many women) see their identities as tied up with how boys (or men) view them, never quite measuring up. By being taught not to be sexual, girls often have sex not because they want to do it, but in order to be accepted, seen, and, ironically, rescued from their belief that they are not good enough as they are....more
I LOVED this post.  I couldn't agree more!more

Dear Teen, Just Say No to Sex

Remember when you were a teen with raging hormones? Maybe kissing in the backseat of the boyfriends car or hiding out somewhere and making out? I remember. It was a wonderful if not slightly confusing time. I didn’t have my mother to talk to, mostly because I really didn’t like my mother until I was pregnant with my own child at the young age of 18....more

I'm so not ready for that stage. I still have a few years to go. I hope!

However, I think by ...more