Congratulations Dr. Phil, You Glorified A Murderer

It's possible you triggered a few PTSD cases, too....more
A Journalist just posted an open letter to Dr. Phil denouncing him for a show that Phil is ABOUT ...more

The Chardon, Ohio School Shootings: A Neighbor's View

WARNING: Expletives used.Here in Northeast Ohio, Monday morning shattered when news of a high school junior shooting several of his schoolmates started streaming into my inbox via news alerts.At 8:18 a.m., I read: Breaking News: Report: Geauga County Sheriff's Department and OSHP heading to Chardon High School (the original item isn't even there anymore, there've been so many updates)...more
 @nikonMom Thanks so much. I went and got my teeth cleaned today and my hygenist was wearing a ...more