Being My Sons Mom Not His Friend

Yesterday my husband and I were at a party to celebrate the middle school graduation of one of our son’s classmates and closest friends.  ...more

Tazi's Corner: Issue #4: Fortunate Sons' Unfortunate Behaviors

Hello, dear readers! It has been a busy week here in Tazi Land! Mommie decided to clean the house, which means I had to find a place to hide from the vacuum. Luckily, Mommie's laptop computer was shoved under the bed, and I was able to bang out today's commentary! It's a bit long, but Mommie was on quite the cleaning spree! ...more

Mom Fail?

Lately conversations with my oldest have been strained…. tense… or whatever you want to call it. But today I feel like today was a total mom fail (again)....more

In Memory of Takeimi Rao: I Taught My Daughter How to Drink

Yesterday morning, I came across the story of Takeimi Rao, a local 14-year-old girl who died due to mass consumption of alcohol at her own slumber party. As I read the story, all I could think of was the horror her mother must be going through, losing her daughter in the blink of an eye over something that could have easily have happened to any young teenager. I thought of her friends, who couldn’t possibly have known the outcome when they experimented with alcohol the night before. And I thought of my own daughter, now 13 years old, and the fear gripped me over the fact that I could easily lose her the same way. Any of us could lose our teenager this way....more
Congratulations on having the courage to have this conversation.  My father worked for a major ...more

The Fashion Police

My friend, Kristen, stayed over the other night. We've been BFFs, as the kids say, since we were in 6th grade (pushing on 30 years now). In the morning Kristen, who has no children of her own, becomes a spectator to the Duncan weekday morning routine. She has no idea what she is in for. ...more