Parents just don't understand

On days of high stress at my office, my coworkers and I will message one another with phrases we've picked up from the younger members of our team: This meeting: I can't even.OR I literally can't with this person right now.OR ...more

The Joys of Parent Pick-Up

It’s almost 11 p.m.We’re waiting for her call.My husband would like to go to sleep. Yet I would like him to be the one who responds to her. My legs are tired. I’m in my pajamas, a glass of wine on the side table....more

My teenager is learning how to drive and he’s judging us. With good reason.

This post is brought to you by a recent Facebook status update where I mentioned that I was taking my son driving.To follow-up, we didn’t end up driving that day because of the weather. To be perfectly honest, I felt relieved. Then I felt guilty for feeling relieved. (Why? Because I’m a mom and I do guilty like a ninja.)If you have teenagers that are learning how to drive, the following statement will resonate with you (and your accelerated heart rate):...more

"You Mean EVERY Day, Every Day?"

Why is it when you remind your teen to do a job that they do, their excuse is, "I forgot." You forgot?  Like, you do this thing [taking the trash bags out of the trash cans] every day....more

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To.. My Teen!

I am always trying not to embarrass my kids.  Really, I am.  I remember all-too-well that everything my parents did when I was in high school made me cringe.  Why is it, then, that it's seems like it's a game to find me at my most embarrassing moments, and FILM them? Here is a picture my oldest son took of us at the Garth Brooks concert. He's 26 and he respects his mama, as he should.  ;)   :...more

How We Beat Severe Acne, Naturally

Big StuffWhen our daughter turned 9 she began having acne. She was already on a gluten and dairy free, whole foods diet, with very little sugar. Each year her acne grew worse until her whole forehead, sides of her face, chest and upper back were covered. Five months ago our naturopathic physician recommended a supplement called EstroDIM.  Within one month her acne was completely cleared up....more

Parenting My Teen: I Treat Her Like a Cat

She’s doing her nightly thing: listening to music; checking her social media, chipping away at homework. When a favorite song comes on, the volume goes up. When a new text comes in, her fingers tap. When a page of Spanish is memorized, I hear it flip....more
Great post! Made me laugh. Nice to see there are not too many differences in attitudes ...more

5 Reasons I Really Suck At Preparing My Kids for Adulthood

I've been a mother for a long time. 27 years, to be exact. I've had kids in my home for this long, since after I was halfway done raising my oldest son, I had two more, then married a man with three kids of his own. Sheesh. I should be a professional parenting consultant or something. Oh lordy, that made me spit Diet Coke out of my nose. I am not.even.close. to a professional....more
slamoutte YAY!  A partner in crime!  Thanks for commenting.more

My Children Delight Me

I sat in the stylist's chair, getting my mane snipped.  As another tuft of hair floated to the floor, the stylist made conversation, asking, "So what's it like, parenting a 14-year-old girl?"...more

Christmas 2014: The year that the gift became being present

This post first appeared on writer, Mona Andrei's personal blog, Moxie-Dude.So here we are, another holiday season behind us – to which I say, “Yayyy!”Christmas is exhausting. And yet this year – unlike any other year – I find myself smiling nostalgically over the pictures taken with my kids on Christmas Eve .Before the reason to smile, though, I have to remind myself that the holiday season is not only exhausting, it’s STRESSFUL....more