Tales of a Teen's Mom

Tales of a Teen’s Mom…...more

What Should Teens Do This Summer? Get a Job??

I was driving my younger son and his friend to soccer practice when they both started lamenting their busy summer schedules. My son’s friend is starting driver’s education as soon as soccer ends because, as he explained with a touch of sarcasm, “I can’t have one day with nothing to do.” My son groaned in sympathy. “I know,” my son added. “I don’t have a single day off this summer.”Insert eye roll here....more

10 Things I Love About My Son

My new blog series, 10 Things I Love began yesterday with a tribute to my daughter (because she hacked the page I had begun to write for my older son.  Anyway, today is dedicated to my son.  He was the first to truly hold my heart with a love I thought no one else could have possibly ever felt before.  He changed my life and I wouldn't trade a single moment for anything in this world!  Here's to you, RayRay!1. He's been my right hand man since he born, always with me wherever I go even now....more

7 Forgotten Ways It Sucks to Be a Teenager

Two things happened recently that made me question my near-frequent outbursts of nostalgic longing for my youth: 1) I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror (which made me cringe) and 2) a pimply-faced "young adult" who's more than half my age gave me attitude. (Which also made me cringe; honestly, why?)...more
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Disability, Sexuality, and Faith

It has become quite obvious that my fifteen year old special needs daughter and a boy in her social club have a little romance going on!  I doubt if they've ever even uttered one word to each other but when they are together he gets right up in her face and takes her hands in his.  Then they dance and run around together, hand in hand!  It's just so incredibly  adorable! ...more
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How Can We Stay Calm When Our Children Don't Listen To Us?

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”- Buddha ...more

Things Could Be Worse. There Could Be Assassins

Jack, who will be 15 in May, wants a summer job.He tells me that if hecan get something full time at an $8 hourly rate, he'll save up enough for a new computer and a PS4. I don't know where all this stuff will go, since the family room (man cave) is pretty much already full of electronics.I guess we could get rid of the foosball table. And the couch. Maybe knock out a wall or two (note to Jack: I mean that satirically. We are not knocking down a wall to accommodate more electronics).I remember wandering around downtown when I was his age, stepping into little mom and pop stores, in which I'd never shopped, asking if they needed summer help. After about three or four rejections, I stopped asking and just window shopped....more

When a Mother Loses a Child, Another One is Glad Hers is Still Alive

Two mothers in Barbados lost their sons tragically this past week.  The first son died in a vehicular accident.  He was only 17.  The second son died after being shot to the head.  He was 21.  Different circumstances which both ended the same: a son died and a mother grieved.  ...more