Explore 6 Ways That Teens Can Make Money Online

It's no more a shocker that teenagers now days are exceptionally witty, skilful, self-motivated and receptive to the positive reaction. These adolescent minds can now explore their abilities through wide range of opportunities which not only keep them busy in their crunching hours but can also make ways and means adjacent to experience. So let’s get started with the below options: where time does sail with dollar.1. Online Tutoring...more

Saying the Wrong Thing (Vegan Edition)

My 19 year old niece recently spent a month trying on vegetarianism for size.  She even flirted with vegan meals a bit, as she shares my opposition to the murder of animals for our gustatory pleasure....more

Let’s Not Stereotype Boys in Discussions of Pornography

The presence of pornography in children’s lives must be talked about, but we have to be careful how we frame the discussion. In making clear the plight of girls, we must not vilify and demonize boys....more

How Do I Know If My Son Is Really An Addict?

I wonder if my son is an addict.Whenever he doesn't have somewhere he has to be or something he has to do, he wants his fix. And he fights like hell if I try to take it away. It's not as noticeable during the school year when he's busy, but in the summer his addiction is much more apparent.Most people would never imagine this about him.He's a wonderful kid -- generally personable, polite and helpful -- with lots of talents and a supportive family who attends his performances and games....more

Pack a College Survival Kit!

In 1995, I spent a semester at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. I left Alaska, the state I was born and raised in for Hawaii. I traded frozen nose hairs and permafrost for sun and surf. The University of Hawaii had an excellent Linguistics program at the time and a tuition exchange with Alaska. I was able to attend the University of Hawaii at the resident rate; which happened to be cheaper than the university I was attending in Alaska. It was win-win...especially when you realize I dragged my brand new husband along with me!...more

OneUnited Mural Project Preview

Teens get a bad rap these days. It seems impossible to hear of any good their doing for all the wrong that's being done....more

Lies we homeschool moms tell ourselves


A Commitment Etched In Stone

The other day as I dusted the desk of one of my children, I found something that made me pause, made me think. Raised a lump in my throat. It didn't look like much, just a small, smooth stone with some writing on it, in pencil.But the message startled me. It said, "I will never stop trying."...more
@dusty_parachute Thank you - you COULD have a stone like this. All you need is a pencil :)more

The Princess Fights For Her Life

I was a late bloomer , actually very late. I was very introverted in my early teens and read an entire new book every day. I also came down with a life threatening illness that affected my right side of face to the point I just avoided mirrors from 12-15yrs of age....more