Beginnings and ends

6:15 came too soon this morning. I was having some odd dream involving packing my kids' lunches with frozen ravens when the alarm went off, and my stomach rolled as soon as I remembered what day it was....more

5 Reasons to Send Your Teen to Teen MIssions

We’ve somehow established a very strong precedent of sending our teens on a Teen Missions team the summer they are fifteen. This wasn’t intentional and fifteen isn’t some magical age in our house. It happened the be the age we felt Adalia was mature enough to spend her summer away from us in 2011. Then Judah went in 2012 at age 15 and now Judah and Tilly are both going (tomorrow!) in 2014.Chuck and I intend to send every one of our teens on a Teen Missions team at some point and here’s why:Five Reasons to Send Your Kids on a Teen Missions Team....more

Tips for Styling a Teen Room

The teen years have arrived, and her pale yellow walls just aren’t cutting it, Mom! These are the years of school dances, after school clubs, and dishing about boys study sessions with the girls.  It’s time to give her a space that will encourage creativity, inspire her passions, and help her transition to the adult world; are you ready?Choosing Color...more

The Audition

Over 30 years ago I signed up to audition for our community production of The Sound of Music....more

Teenage Sex


Parenting those teenagers

This post will probably surprise some of you who didn’t know me in my teenage years and met me when I finally matured ;)So… my teenage years hit pretty hard, and I feel SO(can’t make that big enough) sorry I put my parents through all those years. And I pray Mason isn’t as bad as I was :(...more

A Dangerous Trend in Social Media and Online

 Happy 2014. This is a time when we’re usually tired of all the holiday food, when we start talking about how we're going to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier and exercising more probably tops those lists. And in these first few weeks of January, my local YMCA has been teeming with cars, the exercise classes filled with eager adults wanting to shave off some of their holiday weight gain. ...more
Thank you. I felt rather naïve when I discovered this stuff. I was almost afraid to write about ...more

Gifts ideas for teens


Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back ...more

Inspired by Ashton Kutcher: I Didn't Think I'd Be Saying That, Either, But I Am

I never thought I would quote Ashton Kutcher (ever!), but here goes… ...more
I was so happy to hear a current celebrity really be honest about what is really important in ...more