Adoptee's Experience

Hello,I write to help broaden your understanding of an adoptee's experience. Therefore I've created this series: Do I Matter? An Adoptee's Perspective through Her Relationships Here is a snippet of my first Blog Post which appeared live today:...more

It Wasn't What I Expected

Last week G fell out of bed and I was scared and felt alone and was whiney.A day later I found out that L, my teenager, has been lying. About everything. She’s not the kid I thought she was. AT ALL. And it’s taking longer to get over it then G’s tumble.I know, you’re all shocked. A 15-year-old who lies? My kid must be the worst kid on the planet because 15-year-olds never lie and I must be one fucked-up Mother to have one who does.And she’s been engaging in dangerous behavior. I know…repeat last paragraph....more
 @gentlepup Jenny!!! I clicked on your pic and realized who you are! Good to see you here!!! I'm ...more

How Teens Define Self-Esteem

I love to ask teen girls to define self-esteem. Some of them give very poignant definitions of self-esteem. They mention how they feels about  themselves and how others view them as well....more

Trusting in Him - A Teenager's Faith

   “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let our requests be made know to God.” Phil 4:6 ...more

On Sex and the Teenager

There was a provocative blog post on BlogHer recently about a parent's role in the sex life of their teenager.  The author advocated tacit acquiescence, assuming that the teen is going to be sexually active and treating him or her as such, complete with education -- but discreetly....more

Disappearing Babies and the Teen-Friendly Summer Bucket List

My babies are disappearing.The once tinkling explosions of giggles at extracting a nervous cricket from a stone wall now mutter with the groggy, deepened voices of men when I call into their darkened bedrooms to wake them before school.The once chubby legs that raced across the daycare floor into my eager arms now stretch out, impossibly long, on their towering frames....more

The Truth Behind Teen Dating Violence

 My interview with a victim of teen dating violence....more

“Guest Blog” Miss Piggy,The Story of a Bullied Girl

I am originally from Eastern Europe. I came to America 7 years ago. I was bullied and emotionally tortured by the popular kids in my classes....more

Journaling and another “love note”

I made another love note during the night and left it for my husband to find.  He really liked the first one and actually thanked me twice!  Little does he know he’ll be getting 12 more!  LOL...more
First, congratulations to your son Riley for his improvements in his academics. That is ...more