Teaching Dreams!

Many moons ago I let someone talk me out of following my dream. I thought the person had my best interest at heart. I’m sure they would claim that was the intention. But now, many years later,that person,the one I respected, held up with so much regard? Yep,you guessed it. I see them very differently. Oh,well, you live and learn....more
 @HomeRearedChef I think enjoying what you do is important but we all have to cover our bills so ...more

Helicopter Parents, You're Damaging Your Kids! Stop Hovering!

Helicopter parents constantly justify their actions, and they typically "yell" loudest at parents who condemn. Typically, their defenses for their actions are, “I will do anything to give my child a leg up, what is wrong with that?,” and “I have to have my child’s back.” Or, “I rather be over involved that not involved.” No one is suggesting not to be involved, the suggestion is "backing off." It is sad, these helicopter parents have no idea the actual damage they are doing to their children. What does smothering do? It kills!...more
Thanks for the post! I have actually been begging my friends to stop hovering over their ...more