I Was Sexually Harassed at my Sleep-away Camp.

Polar Bears. Yes, it began with polar bears; a secret inside joke between my counselor, who I’ll call Kat, and a male counselor, who I’ll call Eddie. I was thirteen at the time, and had already been going to this summer camp for six years-- therefore, I had to be in on all the counselor secret jokes. Kat wasn't going to crack, her lips were sealed and the only words that slipped out were “I’ll tell you when you’re older.”  ...more

Ain't nobody got time for that: gettin' real with tweens and chores

"Make it fun for them", they said. "Make it age appropriate", they said. "Make a cute chart for them to follow", they said. "Pay them for doing the work", they said. "Shut up", I say to them, because I have tried all of what "they" said and it didn't work. C'mon, you've seen all of the pretty Pinterest tutorials on how to make a chore chart with age appropriate chores, giving a sticker for each chore completed. Just go to Pinterest and search for "chore charts" and see what you get....more

Mothering While Single: The Fear of Letting Go

I can't sleep in an isolated place without pills, earplugs, and both my children in bed with me for fear of scary, feral characters with a hankering for the wilderness. Mariella Frostrup  years ago my two younger sons started staying out late....more

What the Murdered Teen Tiffany Gayle Means to Me...

Tiffany was a teen who used to live in my neighborhood until few years ago. She was beautiful, full of life and only fifteen. In 2010, Tiffany was beaten to death by her parents at her own home. ...Photo Courtesy: City News Her name was Tiffany Gayle.......more

Mocking or Emulating: Teens Go Crazy for Kylie Jenner's Lips

Our First Lady is always keeping it 100%. Recently she said that her daughters Sasha and Malia were not influential, despite what Time magazine says.   They are not influential,” the First Lady said, laughing. “They just live here [ The White House] . They have done nothing to gain any influence.” ...more
This is very reminiscent of the "cinnamon challenge" a few years ago, and while not as fatal, it ...more

Problems Connecting with Your Teen? Try These Three Magic Words

Your teen suffers from abandonment issues.If you are a nurturing parent, you are probably balking at this statement. Most of us associate abandonment with physical conditions, such as inadequate nourishment, inadequate clothing, physical abuse or literally leaving our child without care. If you provide for the well-being of your kids, how could they possibly feel "abandoned"?...more

How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Kids

Hi everyone and welcome to Dedicated 2 Life.  If you are new here, I know you will find something here that interests you if you like self-growth. Check out our home page for a list of topics that we blog about regularly.  Mostly, I want to say this to you - - “Welcome and thanks for stopping by”....more

The Fitting Room

I’m leaning against the clearance rack when Justin Timberlake’s voice fills the store. He’s singing about his suit and tie, which seems appropriate since my daughter is in the fitting room trying on semi-formal dresses....more
This was so touching and poignant. Our kids grow up so fast.  My last child is still in Middle ...more