Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18?

I won't presume to know better than a bunch of college and university presidents...But, I'm just not sure I believe that lowering the drinking age to 18 will reduce teen binge drinking. However, I imagine, it might take some of the responsibility off of the colleges to reduce underage drinking on their campuses. ...more

no the drinking age should not be lowered because then that allows more alcohol ...more

Learning To Speak "Family Bonding"

We’re down to the last 10 days or so before Wally takes off for college so I decided to schedule some enforced family bonding over the weekend.  ...more

New Blogger Neighbor Inspires Girls Everywhere at New Moon Media

I first ran across New Moon Media when I was researching social networks and sites for teens/tweens, and I was blown away by their concept. Not only it is smart and savvy, but it was and is developed by teen and tween girls themselves (along with some adult guidance). ...more

Raising A Teenager

Charles was taken to the airport Tuesday morning to see his Dad. When I cam home from having dinner I discovered the house had been burglarized. The XBox was one of the fist things I noticed missing. They had entered through an unlocked window. My jewelry was also taken as well as some electronics.  Charles' dropout and unemployed friends are the obvious supects. Especially since we have a very noisy barking dog. If this is what it takes for him to pick other acquaintances, it could prove to be a godsend. In fact. ...more

Raising A Teenager

This morning I drive Charles to the airport to visit his dad in upstate New York befor he starts his senior year in high school. At least I can keep him from seeing his loser friends for a week. Maybe I can get some sleep. Last Saturday morning Charles arrived home from his Friday night out at 8am ready to go to sleep. Smelling of alcohol and cigarettes, I told him that coming home at that time was inappropriate and asked him to leave and return when he could commit to following the "rules". He returned Sunday moring at 4am. ...more

My 17-year-old daughter rarely leaves her room. She reads all day and all night. When she ...more

Can The Movie "Mamma Mia" Relieve Stress, and Make You Smile?

Can a good movie reduce stress? I've always believed that smiling and laughing is healing in some way. And, there is a lot of evidence that supports that theory. I also know that for me, music can deeply affect my mood. Some songs are sad reminders of the past, and others are happy reminders of experiences I never want to forget. Seeing the movie Mamma Mia with my daughter, and listening to all the music, is definitely going to be a lasting and happy memory for me. ...more

Amazing, amazing, amazing! What capped it off for me was seeing the TV show "The ...more

Air Presumptive

The Snapper has finished his fifty hours of permit driving and has scheduled his driving test for this week.  I said, “Funny, it seems like just yesterday that you removed the front door of that store with our car” and he said, “Drive through office supplies are the next big thing.”  ...more

Kids and Cell Phones

During the Newbie reception at BlogHer08 I met the representatives from T-Mobile.  They had a table set up with a survey about parenting and cell phones.  Although my kids are older now this is an issue that I dealt with some years ago when cell phones for kids weren’t as big of an issue than they are now.My son got his first cell phone at the ...more

I Want Nothing but the Best for You

(A message for teens and young adult children) I’m your mother, your aunty, your teacher, your friend.I wish nothing but the best for you. When have I done anything but try to elevate you?And yet your resist – my advice, my contacts, my experience, my help(but rarely, if ever, my money). ...more