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Oprah Asks Are You Prepared to Buy Teen Daughter a Vibrator?

Stephany who blogs at Crooked House is not having an easy time of it. She's a couch potato by her own description, tired and dragging through her days, and ready to give Oprah expert Dr. Laura Berman the thumbs up for telling moms to tell their daughters about masturbation, maybe even given them vibrators for Christmas. It's understandable. ...more

I got my first vibrator when I turned 17. It was a Jack Rabbit -- a present from my two best ...more


I was up to seventy-three before I lost count. I was standing alone in the feminine hygiene aisle looking for the same kind of-What do they call it? - Protection that I bought last month. I couldn't believe the overwhelming number of options there seemed to be. But there they were in all their pastel-packaged glory.I can not only get pads, but pads with wings and pads with wings that flex and pads with wings with Velcro. If I don't want pads with wings, I can get pads with ruffles ...more

Oprah and Dr. Berman talked openly about SEXUAL ACTIVITIES again

On the Oprah show today they talked again about the age of discovery. One mother asked, "what do you do when you find your 4-year-old playing with herself?" ...more

I decided to write a story element of a hypothetical discussion on my fiction blog. The link ...more

Sex Happens: What Do You Say If Your Teen Is Having Sex?

Are 14-year-olds ready to have sex?  Many teens think they are and moms across the country are getting upset. ...more

Manifesting Money as a family

"Is Your Family Vibrating on the Right Frequency to Manifest Money?" I just completed an ebook to help families who are having trouble manifesting money during our current times.   If your family is stressed, your teens are out of control, and you are up against a wall, then this is the perfect ebook to heal your family wounds. ...more

You Must Chill

The lighter side of ScreamFree. Tips and thoughts on parenting, marriage,and relationships in general from Jenny Runkel - writer, woman, wife, mother, and lover of all things Lloyd Dobler...in no particular order. ...more

Mommy, why's that man sooooo FAT?

“Mommy, Daddy, why’s that man SOOO FAT?” These words were spoken, or should I say shouted, at the top of her voice by my daughter when she was three years old. Having climbed up onto the table at our local McDonalds, pointed her chubby little finger at a man three tables down, she asked said question. ...more

Enter To Win A Melissa & Doug 25 Piece Deluxe Stamp Kit

Enter to win a NIP Melissa & Doug 25 piece deluxe stamp set that will give hours of fun over and over again. There is a 2 colored washable ink pad, 16 stamps, 7 colored pencils and comes in its own wooden case. ...more

Bulimia More Common Among Black Girls: Gossip Girl Got it Wrong

So we may be wrong about bulimia.  A new study suggests our stereotype of the binge and purge addicted teen, as most recently exemplified by waspy Blair Waldorf on this season's Gossip Girl, may need to be revised.  Rich white teenagers may be at lower risk than a lot of other girls according to a recent study... ...more