Build on your teens’ strengths, rather than focus on his weaknesses

Hi everyone! So I was thinking the other day that no kid likes to be criticized. Frankly, I don’t know too many adults who enjoy it either. However, as parents, we know we need to redirect our kids, to teach them and correct them and guide them. Trouble is, we’re often so busy we fail to take the time to gently redirect, or teach or correct them…there is a technique to doing this that makes this medicine go down a whole lot easier. ...more

I facilitate parenting classes and I'm definitely going to use your analogy of the hamburger ...more

Compliment your teens all the time... Use the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again with great info about the Law of Attraction. It's great when your kid has their own revelation in life. Compliments ... dish them out when you notice even the smallest stuff, because they're HUGE in the way your kid beams their energy out their into the world. My daughter started high school, and has to get up and hour earlier than last year. She argued that now she was older, she should be allow to stay up later than last years, 10:00 pm lights out. ...more

Thank you for the compliment...  right back at you.  I should have mentioned my book, 'SPIRIT ...more

Gossip Girls & the Law of Attraction

Hi, it's Tricia Kelly here again....The Law of Attraction and 'Gossip Girl.' This is a show that gets high rating, and lots of kids that are loyal devoted fans... My fourteen-year-old daughter is one of them and was overly excited, the new season has started... I was the opposite, here we go again. A show that every second line is a negative, spiteful, and hurtful... not to mention the under-age drinking, and their endless sexual partners. (I know, as a teen, this is an exciting time for them. ...more

Law of Attraction for Teens/Kids & Parents

Hi, I'm Tricia Kelly the author of a great book about the Law of Attraction. SPIRIT BOY, is unique novel. People learn through example, not necessarily through self help books. The Law of Attraction is available for Teens, Kids and their Parents Lots of adults know about the Universal Law of Attraction. They may have either seen it on 'the Secret DVD' or heard Oprah speaking with the 'Abraham Hicks' duo,' or mentioned during one of her web classes with, Eckhart Tolle, - well the wait is over! ...more

Taking Teens Shopping

I had the rare opportunity of taking three 14 year old girls shopping for back to school clothes and school supplies this year.  It was quite the experience.  One I don't recommend anyone braving without fireprotection around their wallet and a helmet.  The helmet is for the headbanging you will resort to while they make up their minds. ...more

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Do your kids and teens know about money?

Do your kids understand money? ...more

Teenagers? Teenagers! Teenagers.

Are you afraid of teenagers?  I'm not:  general category.  I am:  my own child becoming.  Teenagers in general are extremely attractive globs of iddy goo, unaware of how frickin' awesome they look now, what with their lack of cellulite, abdominal muscles and unlined skin, unaware of how completely uninformed and unformed they are, convinced as they are that they know everything just because they can hit the eighteenth level of Whatever Game Is Not Important to Me. ...more

Thanks ehenak. I was getting weary of all the teen haters and all that fear.

Hey, we ...more

Surviving Back to School Shopping with Teens and Tweens

We have reached the last weekend of summer.  That can only mean one thing in this house.  We have reached the last minute panic as I inventory closets and drawers to see if I really do have to make that journey to the mall for the yearly Back-To-School shopping torture experience.  After two hours and 5 stores, I left the mall with a teenage son who bought a new pair of shoes, some socks and one shirt.  My tween?  He had one pair of jeans and one shirt.  That's all. So much for getting prepared ahead of time this year! ...more

My answer to this is to do the absolute minimum.  We do school supplies and shoes if they ...more

Make the most of your Senior Pictures...Modestly

A daughter's Senior year can be a time of great stress or the best time of her life. Seniors get to participate in many activities that are geared towards only them, celebrating their successful leap from child to adult. Senior Prom, Senior Skip Day, Graduation and Senior Pictures are all part of the process of graduating High School...along with passing grades, of course! ...more