Taking a Walk on the Wild Side with the Tooth Fairy

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Evolution of the Human Face

Use 'Em Before You Lose 'Em!

Why is Mint the Flavor of Oral Hygiene?

Mint Splash • Cool Peppermint • Vanilla Mint • Wintergreen Ice • Extreme Herbal Mint • Clear Mint • Minty Fresh • Citrus Clean Mint • Green Tea Mint • Pure Peppermint Fresh • Super Action Mint • Lasting MintCrest toothpaste flavor lineup...more

Dental Health & the Tooth Fairy

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I said to the dog, I said

"No breakfast this morning. You're having anesthetic at the vet today." He looked at me and cocked his head inquiringly."Ann us thet tic," I enunciated slowly, to clarify."Wiggle, wiggle?" he asked with the rear half of his body. "No, no food today, boy," I answered. "Prance, prance, silly foot waving?" he asked with his front paws. "No, Buddha. No food today," I replied firmly."You can have some water, though," and I pointed to the dish. "Drink," I said. He turned around and faced away from me and the water bowl. "You Drink it," his backside said. ...more
Poor buddy! I hope he is feeling better soon and enjoying a full dish of steak ;)more

Finger-Sucking Good

When the twins were infants, I rejoiced and counted my blessings for many reasons, not the least of which being that they refused to take a pacifier. What luck! I thought. No constant disinfecting of plastic tabs, no finding gross old pacis under the couch, no losing every single dummy just when I need one the most. No crying at night or during nap when the babies couldn't find their little rubbery paradise. ...more

Where do the baby teeth go?

My son is past the age of believing in the tooth fairy.  He’s taken to handing me his bloody teeth as soon as they fall out, his other hand open for the dollar he’s grown accustomed to getting with each lost tooth.  I still give it to him out of tradition, sometimes even going through the trouble of hiding it under his pillow instead just to give him a giggle.  But then I’m stuck with this crusty tooth that has been ha...more

We Say Don't Judge - But a Paci at 5 Years Old???

Suri Cruise is making headlines again. While we see her in the media because of her clothes that cost more than all the clothes in my house, her lavish trips to countries I didn't even know existed, and her front row seat at Broadway plays when I can't even get my 3 year old to sit still in a movie theater. Today the headlines are about her using a pacifier....more