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6 Ways To Keep Your Teeth White & Healthy

According to doctors, healthy teeth are correlated with a healthy body and can reduce your risk of serious diseases including heart disease and Alzheimers. Most of us want beautiful white and healthy teeth but poor oral hygiene habits can get in the way. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a beautiful smile. 1. Sip Coffee & Red Wine With A Straw ...more

Dazzling Smile by Crest 3D White

I cannot be the only one....who has noticed that Southern California is the land of perfect and sparkling white teeth. The drop off at my son's school is full of moms carrying Starbucks coffee, stomping around in hundred dollar (or more) Ugg boots, and setting a fabulous dental standard. My hour glass of time is perpetually half empty leaving me unable to spend much time worrying about my own smile brightness, so I decided to find a great whitening toothpaste and the good news is, I found one....more