I'm Just Gonna Ride it Out

You know those crazy folks who, despite knowing well in advance that some sort of natural disaster is about to completely LEVEL their home, insist upon staying put rather than getting the heck out of dodge? They’re the ones who you overhear telling news reporters “I’m just gonna batten down the hatches and ride it out,” while everyone else is packing up their precious belongings and running for the hills, screaming....more
 @Isabel_Anders Many thanks, Isabel. Yes, I definitely prefer to laugh at life, even through ...more

Always Grateful for the Sound

It was cold in Ottawa yesterday. The weather channel was warning of a severe snow storm that didn't actually materialize but it was still very windy with a combination of snow and rain for much of the day. Mac and I stayed indoors and had a great day....more
@MonWithMac Thanks for sharing it with us anyway. Lots of love to you! -Jennamore

The Nightmare that is Teething

Emily has an official tooth. It is tiny, but it is through the gum and oh, so very sharp. It has taken forever. Now, the gum on the other side is swollen and white so she will have another chomper shortly. She refuses to let me see it and screams when I clean it and her gums. I suppose they are quite sore because she has always enjoyed me cleaning her gums and mouth. She likes the training toothpaste....more

Who Came Up with This?

The screaming, the thrashing, the whining, the complete meltdown explosion. It caught me by surprise.  Yes, I had noticed my babies getting more cranky over the past few days, but I figured it was letdown from our vacation ending, tiredness, maybe a growth spurt causing hungriness....more

breastfeeding a toddler

This is what I love about breastfeeding Mummies and well breastfeeding in general. No matter how much training you have..... a situation will come up where you need some help...... and you are not afraid to ask for it!!! I got an email from Courtney, our Lactation Educator here at Mummies Nummies. Here is her situation:...more

Athena Bee's 25% off Coupon Code for Baltic Amber Jewelry and Teething Necklaces

I've had a long, loving relationship with my Baltic amber necklaces. While I still have some of the other symptoms from my migraines, the pain is absolutely more tolerable....more

It's Teething. Trust Me.

My husband laughs at me.  My babies are teething.  That's no laughing matter, of course, as anyone who has dealt with a teething baby can tell you.  He laughs at me because, in my opinion, my babies are always teething.  My babies have been teething since day one, or at least since month three.  As soon as the experts gave me a ready-made, go-to excuse for their seemingly uncalled for tears and distress, I took it and ran.Crying because they don't want to eat?   Teething.  Crying because they're overtired?  Teething.  Crying bec...more

Hyland’s teething tablet recall – some facts and clarifications

This week the FDA enforced a recall of Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets, a product which has been manufactured and used by parents for over 85 years in the USA. I’ve observed this situation argument grow arms and legs and also watched the misinformation grow at the same rate.  The first link I noticed came from another mommy blog site, and several mom sites have posted this because they’re worried of course.  The first post said that there was a botulism scare, since the Chammomilla (chamomile) present in the tablets had been infected with botulism – just li...more


I like schedules, love routine and my sleep is most peaceful when everything is in its place and nothing essential remains on my to-do list.Hah!...more