I like schedules, love routine and my sleep is most peaceful when everything is in its place and nothing essential remains on my to-do list.Hah!...more

a teething tot

a teething tot ...more

Mommy week in review: Martyr mommy, day care questions, teleworking

Today, the Mommy Week in Review posts a special "controlling beatch" edition. Plus, should I put the baby in day care, are arrowroot biscuits the gateway to obesity, and how to fight for your right to breastfeed at work. ...more

Oh yeah, I remember that.

The maelstrom of the post-partum days, and you're working, ...more

Teething Gel Safety -- Is It Worth The Risk?

Recently, I received a comment on an article I wrote detailing natural teething tips and solutions by moms. The question asked was essentially, "What's wrong with baby Orajel?" I hadn't included Orajel and similar anesthetics like Anbusol in my list of teething remedies, but the question was a good one -- What to do when you need relief, either for your baby or yourself! ...more

Yummy Toddler Smoothie!

Yummy Toddler Smoothie! ...more

Top Teething Solutions by Natural Moms

Moms interested in natural remedies and avoiding over-the-counter solutions for teething babies have discovered a wealth of safe options. But if you're a new mom entering teething for the first time, or a mom of a particularly challenging teether, where can you turn to find this information? ...more

Herbs to Curb the Turbulent Chaos

The last few days have been pretty hectic and emotionally trying around our house. Mycie's molars are giving her hell and she is, in turn, spreading the fiery destruction. No, it's not that bad. But boy has it been stressful. She has been biting her friends (and, ahem, the woman who gave birth to her) and the strain it has caused everyone involved has been tiring. ...more

Teething terrors for a 15-month old - what to do?

Holy cow, I hit the motherload with teething issues with my 15-month old.  What do you do when their cheeks are so swollen, and they're in so much pain because their molars are coming in, but they're taking their sweet time to erupt?  I've tried it all....Oralgel, Advil, Motrin, Bach's Rescue Remedy (homeopathic), warm cloths, cold cloths, nothing works.  I'm open to any ideas that actually work!  Let me know!!  Thank you! ...more

As caregiver to my 14 month old granddaughter, I'm being reminded of the teething woes. Seems ...more

The Joy's of Teething

My 1 year old just started cutting 2 molars, I thought it was way too early for her to be getting molars but apparently there are one year old molars. Who knew? Poor thing, she has been chewing on everything and drooling like crazy! If you were to run into us you would find a 1 year old baby girl chomping on a tooth-brush and a sleep deprived Mommy with a bite mark on her cheek courtesy of her little teething one. It's true! She will bite on anything that comes close to her mouth, including my face! She has been fussy and I can tell that ...more