Oil Pulling, Really?

Oil pulling...more

Kids' yellow teeth are optical illusion

Don’t whiten your child’s teeth just yet.Their new permanent teeth aren’t really yellow, they just appear that way. We all think that the enamel on the outside of teeth is white, but really enamel is semi-translucent. So tooth color is mostly determined by the color of the material inside the tooth. As it so happens, the dentin inside teeth is quite yellow....more

A Teeth Whitening Diet

We all know that there are foods we eat than can stain our teeth, like drinking coffee, red wine, tea,  and eating blackberries, beets, or blueberries.  But there are some foods that stain your teeth that may shock you AND some that you can eat that will help to promote teeth whitening.  So, no need to go to the dentist every couple of years and pay $500 for teeth whitening.  Eat your way to white teeth!What foods can cause staining?...more
While I agree drinking through a straw is the best option, straws are not safe for hot liquids ...more