Pan Abuse: And the Schtick on Non-Stick

 Not so sticky...more

The Teflon-Coated Catch 22 of Kitchen Tools

It’s always scary for a green-minded parent when something sneaks up on you: the realization that your penchant for antique furniture could mean flaking lead paint or that your favorite brand isn’t as eco-friendly as you thought....more
No Teflon here and I don't use a bread machine. All baking, etc. by hand.more

Is GreenPan a safe alternative to toxic Teflon?

Teflon doesn’t have any enviro-allies these days, since news broke about the nonstick material’s potential health risks. Why not? Environmental Working Group warns consumers that Teflon offgases toxic particulates at 446°F according to DuPont studies — and it only gets worse from there: ...more
even if there were nano-tech in thermolon (pro-tip: there's not) that's an incredibly ...more