Summer scramble

Do you have mixed feels about summer too? I look forward to summer and dread it at the same time. I look forward to a looser schedule and reduced sports activities and school work. To the extra time with the kids and vacations.I dread the fact that the kids could be screaming while I am presenting to my VP or that as soon as I finish work they will want to go out and I just want to go to bed, at least for 20 quite mins (my version of a commute)....more

How to Showcase Your Work When You Work Remotely

Perception: since you're remote you are sitting in your PJs watching daytime TV.Reality: since you're working remotely you work harder and longer.Image via Pixabay...more
Great Article. I can particularly agree with building relationships. It's so easy to get nestled ...more

Proposal for working remotely

I think asking to go remote is more intimidating than asking for a raise. I had to practice and lay out the details before making a case to go remote. Telecommuting is a way of life now but mostly for the newer organizations. If you work for a larger firm, they may see it as a privilege and may be selective about who gets to work remotely. Here are some pointers that may help you:...more

Flexible Work is for Everyone and the Next Big Thing

WorldatWork convened a briefing at Washington DC's National Press Club on how workplaces are implementing flexible work arrangements and the consequences of doing so.  It's a big issue and it is going to get a whole lot bigger.  Mothers and other family caregivers could find their lives transformed by this trend, which breaks down the rigid culture of workplaces past that has forced us into a showdown between career and care....more

The Pros and Cons of The 21st Century Home Office

By Janette Speyer – In today’s virtual world working at home has become the new normal and there is no stigma attached. More and more companies are having flexible hours and flexible employees. Corporations have found that employees can be even more productive and certainly happier working at least part time from home....more

The Morning Routine

Some stagger to the porch to retreive the paper while others skip off the gym.  Whatever the case may be, the morning ritual is the foundation for the rest of your day.  When you're a telecommuter, like me, the morning ritual is even more important.  My ritual?  I get up, stumble to the Keurig for my cup of coffee and then to my home office where I immediately dive into my work.  For the last year since making the switch from the office to working from home, this has been a huge problem!...more
@colleensamantha I had started doing Zumba on a regular basis, but that fizzled out.  I just ...more

FYI: You Can No Longer Work at Home

What is the impact on an individual working mom's life when a company decides carte blanche to nix telecommuting? HUGE. The initial shock was stunning when a random "FYI" note from the manager hit Cece's desk. In this post she breaks down the upsetting and big impact that results from such an incidental company announcement. Can you relate? ...more
It is difficult when business is business... I too, had to sacrifice and it has made all the ...more

Marissa Mayer, Thank You For Making Us Talk About Women and Work

I could not be more delighted about the furor over Marissa Mayer's nixing of the telework option at Yahoo! Really, it's all good. Anything that puts the focus on women, motherhood, and work makes me gleeful. The fact that these issues finally get a public airing has been so long in coming. Fully integrating women into all the places power resides is messy, a tortured and painful process. It creates a lot of drama. There will be yelling and screaming. There HAS to be yelling and screaming, because it hasn't been done before. It upsets the prevailing power structure. It makes people uncomfortable, in many different ways. A bit of a dust up is to be expected....more
It's an important conversation, but I think people are missing the point when they say its a ...more

Working at Home over 40 – Fast Track to Middle-Aged Wasteland?

Working from home, on your home, or partial telecommuting?...more