Moment of the Week - 12

Mom!  I'm on the phone, gosh!...more

Texting vs. Talking: What’s Your Stance?

While I have virtually no trouble picking up a phone today (the only remnants of my phone call-dreading years surface while leaving tongue-tied voicemail messages), I rarely have the need. School assignments and work questions can be dealt with via email. And I can reply to that party invitation over Facebook while I simultaneously consult my friend on proper party attire through a text message. ...more
I would rather text anytime, any day any where!  It is fast, to the point and I can do it ...more

Do You Like Pop Absurdity? Lady Gaga, Beyonce and The "Telephone" Video

Lady Gaga is an artist of the pop absurd. In other words, she works with and creates absurdity designed to be consumed by a mass audience. Unlike the works of a more avant-garde artist of the absurd, her work does not demand a new way of understanding, but rather may be interpreted by the tools the audience already possesses. ...more

Well said! That's exactly the inspiration she gives to me as a video producer. When I look ...more

Google Testing Service to Manage Multiple Phones with One Single Number

Running your own small business requires wearing many hats and doing business on the go.  But juggling a home phone, perhaps one or more work phones along with mobile phone numbers can get complicated for the busy entrepreneur.  A new free phone service is making headlines in entrepreneurial magazines, business newspapers,and small business websites including ...more

PLEASE HOLD...for the next available representative

Please Hold...for the next available representative You can tell where I'm headed with THIS title! Just spoke to 'the next available representative' at my bank because I tried to log in to my online banking site which I've done about 3,639 times...and now way, Jose...wrong password...blocked...locked...better luck next time...might be case sensitive...yada, yada, yada. ...more

How to Respectfully Ask Someone to Stop Calling So Often

This from Mom's of Grace: ...more


Sorry for the absence, I was busy having all my blood transfused back into my body as a result of a phone encounter I had with an high school friend/ish guy of mine. Allow me to explain. The guy finds my Myspace page, we do a brief email back and forth, with one message from him to me saying "call me" with his phone number attached. ...more