Day 24 - Seeing is Believing Even More

 I love reading, and I love watching movies.Kismet is when what I've read comes to life on the big screen,or on the little screen.I'm working in Sacramento this week, and so I have a lot...more

Monday Chat/Weekend Wrap-Up

Not much went on this past weekend. Just a lot of writing and then doing nothing for the remainder of Sunday afternoon. I could have used a nap but maybe next weekend. The next couple of weekends should be a little more fun. The winter festivals, activities are gearing up so I'm looking forward to that. Had our first snow-fall, of the Fall, Saturday. It was beautiful to wake up to. I did not go out and enjoy it because it's cold and I must be getting old. The cold never bothered me before. Now it seems like I'm cold all of the time. So it was an admire-from-the-window weekend....more

#274 Present, Day 18 of 31

I love watching cooking shows.  "Chopped," "Sweet Genius," "Iron Chef," etc.   And, to be honest, I never used to watch them until a friend came over for dinner and started talking about "Chopped."  I was intrigued, so I started watching, and now DH and I are hooked....more

#274 Present, Day 17 of 31

 For those of you that at this point still don't know what I do, let me tell you...I'm an ED doc... not ER, we're not an emergency Room any more, we are an...more

Mad Men: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Like everything else in my life, I got into Mad Men about three seasons after the whole world declared it "the best show on television" (a title I firmly give to Dexter, by the by). It's not that I hadn't had the opportunity to watch it, it wasn't as though I hadn't been stunned by the sheer amount of people with the cartoon gravitars a la Mad Men on The Twitter and The Facebook, I just didn't understand what was so awesome about Mad Men....more
January Jones, who plays Betty Draper, was wildly pregnant - that's how she looked so bloated. ...more

I Love the 90s

It’s true. All my life I have been hearing about this show, but never once decided to give it a chance until this year. While relaxing in our hotel room during our winter vacation, my sister and I came across this show when we were flipping through the channels on TV. Nothing was really on so we decided to keep it on this show....more

House, MD, Relapses. Turns Out Addiction Isn't That Funny.

Anyone who has watched House, MD for very long knows that Dr. House, the anti-hero and my television husband, has struggled with a raging Vicodin addition. He uses, becomes addicted to, then abuses Vicodin to manage chronic pain of an old leg injury....more

I am so glad I came across this article and got an update. I've been away from House for some ...more


Tiger blood means never having to say you’re sorry. The drama surrounding Charlie Sheen’s latest exploits is nothing short of spectacular. He dominates the Today Show, giving a no-holds barred interview to entertainment reporter Jeff Rossen. Inquiring minds demand more news from the unpredictable star and the unflappable Rossen rushes to Casa Sheen for a follow-up feature. Nothing new in the second interview, except Sheen introduces his live-in girlfriends, one is an MAW (model, actress, whatever) and the other a self-professed porn star. ...more