Stages of Dressing Your Child

8 Reasons Why I Miss Having a Toddler (Seriously)

Whether you are a mom, dad, step-parent or loved one who rides the roller-coaster called Parenting a Toddler, you already know it can be demanding. Yes, time flies and these moments will be gone in a blink of an eye, but trying to cherish the "now" -- especially mid meltdown in the cereal aisle -- isn't always easy. ...more
I miss grocery shopping with my daughter. I know how insane that sounds! I miss discussing what ...more

7 Tips To Handle Toddler Tantrums

If there ever was one thing that scared me when it comes to parenting it was definitely the tantrums. I heard so many horror stories about the “terrible twos.” Then my son turned two. Then three. And then four. And nothing happened! Not one tantrum! I didn't know whether I should be blessed or disappointed because I spent so much time anticipating it and preparing for it....more


I thought he was trying to run away.Sam had a temper tantrum yesterday, and lost his Wii privileges.  He had melted down spectacularly for no real reason, and it got progressively worse until he finally stormed off into his bedroom.  I had put him in a time out, which he screamed thru, and then spent another ten minutes with him hollering and begging me to not take away the Wii.  I was past the point of talking to him, and had taken out my book....more

How to Parent During the Terrible Twos

I’ve been getting really frustrated with my 2-year old and how he always says “No!” to whatever I suggest. And all of the tantrums! I'm finding it hard to stay calm. What’s the best approach to use?photocredit...more

On Empathy and How We Treat Small Children

Why do people feel so burdened by their kids? Better question: Why do people project adult size reason and cognition onto their kids? Is it so we can feel better for losing our cool with them?Let me back up....more

All We Need is Love

You guys.  You guys…my blond, soft skinned, tender hearted, wild child snuggled in bed with me tonight.  He rested his head on my shoulder and we both let out sighs that said more about our day than words ever could.  Things like tantrums, playing legos with mom, whining, demanding, baking cookies together, inability to cope, mommy is funny when she tries to get my armpits, exhaustion, and love.  I hope there was a lot of love in those sighs-swirling in the air above my bed before slipping away-out the half opened window.  The day is now done.  We’ve done what ...more

For Sale

For Sale:One precociously cute 6 year old.  She is potty trained, capable of doing her own laundry, but prone to temper tantrums.  A budding fashionista, will set the table after five reminders.  However, she likes to use projectile vomiting as a weapon.  Best offer accepted....ContinueLanita Moss ...more


We have truly reached that age...the age of temper tantrums.  Go read about our experiences here and let me know how you handle your child's behaviors!...more

Dealing With Temper Tantrums

We’ve all been there. You’re at Target or the mall and your wonderful spawn decides to throw a temper tantrum.In public....more