When Mommy Isn't a Good Listener

I was an epic failure of a mother today. And my kid was a pain in the butt. “Max, I need you to be a good listener in the bookstore. You can play in the playhouse, or at the train table. If you start to run around the store, that tells me you’re ready to leave.” I ended up grabbing him by the arm, somewhere between the monkey books and the robot toys. He was running through the maze of aisles. He wouldn’t walk to the bathroom. He wanted to wash his hands before and after he went potty, but he wanted to cover the faucet with his palm so that the water sprayed everywhere....more
@Laine Griffin Yes, such a tough challenge to slow down and look at our OWN behavior.  But it's ...more

Temper tantrum?

 The Joy of Mothering ...more
Yes- it took a little while for me to clue in but that one extra stop or bit longer talking is ...more

Dealing With Temper Tantrums

We’ve all been there. You’re at Target or the mall and your wonderful spawn decides to throw a temper tantrum.In public....more

I Have To Wait For My "Worst Parent of the Year" award

There are these moments when you get to witness a great parent in action.  You are just impressed to the tips of your toes at the way they diffuse a situation or handle an obstacle, or perhaps it’s just a show of love that warms your heart. This was not one of those moments. I love Chick-Fil-A for the fact that the kids can go play after they’re done eating and give you few moments to talk to a friend.  We got to do that today and I sat with Natalie, while 5 of our kids ran wild in the playroom…all wonderfully sound-proofed. ...more