You say tomato...

At the milestone of almost 11 years being married, my husband and I have reached an agreement to disagree on one thing…TEMPERATURE. It’s 90% humidity out and I am sweating like there is no tomorrow. My better half announces, once we are both in the car,that he feels a chill. As we come back into Undisclosed, he says jokingly, he is going to need a warm spot to sleep in. ...more

My Toddler's First, Fever Scare

Mia has been having cold hands and feet for the past two weeks, coupled with occasional sneezes here and there. I knew that these are her usual symptoms that would precede a cold. Sure enough, this past Wednesday, my daughter started the day with non-stoppable sneezes and rising temperature. Every time Mia sneezed, her little button nose would expel two strings of clear, jelly like mucous. After each sneeze, I would immediately go and fetch her a wet, warm face towel to clean her nose....more

Act hot for a crush and not this heat

 Lately I've been walking up and down our hallways at school thinking up different ways to beat the heat (it was 90 degrees yesterday in Ms....more

The Great Battle

In our house we have one Great Battle that I suspect will be playing out until we are old and weathered and sleeping in separate rooms at the nursing home: the temperature inside our house. My husband does not want the temperature to go above 68F (20C) and prefers it if it’s closer to 65F (18C)… even on days like the Snowpocalypse. “Put on another sweater” he says, “do jumping jacks” he says....more
@texasebeth As I seem to need to remind people in Houston where I currently live, freezing has a ...more