Temple Grandin's autism talk on TED - just fascinating!

If the name sounds familiar it's probably because you know Temple Grandin from her work with animals. They made a movie about her life and she's done amazing things to help the quality of life for cattle, horses, etc.In this video she does a live presentation on TED about what it's like to be autistic. I only wish it was longer! She obviously has so much to share! She talks about thinking in pictures and how it helps her solve problems. She also talks about how the world needs autistic people for their different types of thinking.Here's the video:...more

Great Minds

    Yesterday I was blessed to hear Temple Grandin and Alex Plank speak their words of wisdom. Both are on the autism spectrum and have never let that hold them back. Dr. Temple Grandin has revolutionized the beef industry, written books and professional literature, and is a professor. She has designed all kinds of things for the beef farmers and has captivated anyone with an interest in autism. Yesterday parents, teachers, and other people with autism listened to as she captivated the auditorium....more

Animal Welfare Pioneer Temple Grandin

A lot of people -- maybe including you -- had never heard of Temple Grandin before last year's award-winning HBO movie about her life, for which Claire Danes won the Golden Globe for best actress. The movie is excellent, and Danes did a wonderful job of portraying Grandin as a teen and young woman. ...more
I am a huge fan of Temple Grandin and had the honor of hearing her speak. Thank you for a ...more

Dignified & Genius: Golden Moment for Autism at Golden Globes

If you watched the Golden Globes this past Sunday, did you notice the poignant moment between actress Claire Danes and Temple Grandin? I did. I noticed every single interaction between them. Why? Because I was watching those moments like a hawk. You see, Claire Danes won Best Actress in a Mini-Series for her portrayal of Temple Grandin, one of the most impressive autism advocates on the planet. A woman who happens to be autistic herself....more
I hired the Temple Grandin costume designer to make a couple of pod costumes, so the story came ...more

How Temple Grandin Changed My Parenting

I posted a link to a TED talk that Temple Grandin gave in February on the ...more

Temple Grandin, the HBO Movie, and My Son

by Tamar Bihari This past weekend saw the cable TV premiere of a movie about animal behavior expert and autism advocate Temple Grandin. WVFC contributor Tamar Bihari writes about watching the film with her son, who had been diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. ...more

Thank you for the story and the link to such a terrific ...more

Autism Spectrum: So many questions…looking for the answers

Towards the middle of my undergraduate career, I began to become increasingly aware of autism and the challenge presented to countless children and families to unlock the mystery behind the diagnosis. I recall reading Barry Kaufman’s Son-Rise. As I remember, the book spoke from a perspective of integrating one’s self into the world of the child with autism and slowly drawing him or her into the greater world over time. ...more