The Great Staffing Company - How To Know You've Picked A Winner

There are a lot of staffing companies out there. Some of those companies do a good job and others do a great job. How do you know if you selected the right one? Here are four ways of knowing that you made the right choice:...more

Two For One? Sometimes It’s Better To Just Get Two

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all skilled in everything? Like we were the best at web design and copywriting and bookkeeping? Typically though, we are not. We hire the best person for the job because not only can they do it better, but they will also probably do it faster then we can. If time is money, then we are actually saving money to get the right person plugged in on the things we don’t do all that well....more

Temporary Staffing - You Get What You Pay For

Temporary Staffing - You Get What You Pay ForBy Catherine Lang-ClineWho doesn’t love a bargain? Everyone loves a bargain as illustrated by the popularity of coupons, rebates, sales and deal-of-the-day email services. With everyone being budget conscious both at home and at work, it is probably a fairly wise thing to do.Who has ever bought something at a very reduced price only to find out the product was terrible or it in the long run, cost you even more money? ...more

Top 3 Ways a Temporary Staffing Company Saves Money

People don’t always think of using a temporary staffing company as a way to save money. Sometimes the hourly rates seem like more then you want to spend. But when you really look at the cost, you are probably actually saving money, a lot of money, by using a temp. Here’s how: ...more