Anyone Shocked that Snapchat's Privacy Claims Turned Out to be False?

Uh... Snapchat users... those images you thought disappeared forever... uh... not so much. Snapchat has finally admitted -- because they were forced to admit by the Federal Trade Commission -- that a lot of their privacy claims were false.  Images could be saved by users to be looked at a later date (or shared with the whole Internet), and the images themselves didn't magically disappear from servers.  So teens, that crotch shot you took at graduation because you thought it would be hysterical to share it with your friends on Snapchat... well, congratulations, your crotch shot can now live on forever. ...more
I'm more shocked that anyone ever believed that anything just "disappeared" in the first place.more

Teaching Kids to Ignore the Privacy Settings Online

Facebook is balancing this with making the default setting on new accounts set for "only share with friends" and adding pop-up warnings that remind teens what it means to set their accounts to public.  But all of the changes point towards the more important conversation parents need to be having with their teens: Ignore the privacy settings. ...more
I don't think she's saying to violate the privacy settings. She's saying to ignore the 'extra' ...more

So You Didn't Read a Site's Terms of Service... Now What?

We are quickly approaching the day when there will be more social media sites than people to use them. Most people hold accounts at numerous social media sites at the same time, quickly adding themselves when they notice the next hot thing popping up in the online world.  Of course, few people take the time to read the Terms of Service (TOS) as they add themselves to site after site.  A new website aims to help social media users navigate which sites work best with their needs and wants by examining their TOS.  And since they know us so well, the site is called Terms of Service, Didn't Read. ...more
Melissa, as you know, this is something I feel strongly about. I think that everyone must ...more

Terms of Service: These People Accidentally Sold Their Eternal Souls

Question: When was the last time you read more than "click here" on a terms of service contract before you actually accepted it? Never? Yeah, me either. Well, we are not alone. Fox News reports an April fool's joke by a British company called Gamestation giving it "a non transferable option to claim and for ever more, your immortal soul." ...more


Back in the olden days of my online dating ...more