Terrible Two’s! It’s a Celebration

Did you know? City Girl Goes Digital turned TWO today! Welcome to the Terrible Two's...It all started with this little known post about my obsession for technology and love for my current city, Baltimore!...more

The Tricky, Tenacious Twos

Terrible is a very strong word. Therefore, I hesitate to use the word “terrible twos” to describe my daughter, even on her worst days.Tricky, though? Oh, yes....more
@dvorakoelling Oh yes, three is worse for SURE!more

How to Parent During the Terrible Twos

I’ve been getting really frustrated with my 2-year old and how he always says “No!” to whatever I suggest. And all of the tantrums! I'm finding it hard to stay calm. What’s the best approach to use?photocredit...more

not-so-terrible twos

This morning Liv woke up, slipped out of bed, padded across our apartment to our room and to my side of the bed. It took all of my strength to will my eyes open and muster a smile. "Hi sweetie.""Mom," she whispered, "there'sth a dinosthaur in my room!" Liv is two years old. She has grown several inches in the last few months and multiple times a day, I am startled by what I see behind her beautiful, wide-set eyes. She understands the world around her. Interprets it. Mimics it. And feels it. ...more
 @mommybanter It is SO easy.  I was so short with my daughter on our way to our first day of ...more