Too Many Mornings Like This Morning

 I just feel like there have been too many mornings like this morning. Mornings following horror and tragedy. I fell asleep last night while watching the news (again). I fell asleep while watching more images of people running in fear, and more images of smoke and ambulances and tears....more

My not-so-funny valentine

 My Not-So-Funny Valentine 2/14/13 I drive my daughter to high school, as I do almost every day. After I drop her off, I turn towards my job, going back on the street that I came in on. We live in the burbs; it’s fairly safe. The local paper’s crime watch is mostly shoplifting and drunken behavior, less than 10 incidents most weeks. We have good schools with a strong music and arts program. ...more
Right on!  Always speak up, even at the risk of feeling silly.  You might save someone's life!more


 It seems a sad state of society that each generation must face an event that burns an everlasting memory into the psyche. Where were you the day of innocence lost?December 7, 1941: “ A date which will live in infamy.” November 23, 1963: The world watched a little boy salute his father’s coffin. September 11, 2001: “Terrorism against our nation will not stand.”...more

Are YOU a Terrorist?

A terrorist, with all fancy wording aside, is someone who imposes terrorism.  Once again, I'm enlisting the assistance of my friends over at Merriam-Webster's website to paint this picture.  Terrorism is defined as "the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion."  Terror, my friends, refers to a "state of intense fear." ...more

This mommy is bringing her A game...or not?!

My three-year old has hit the prime of the terrible two’s at three, with the strength of the Hulk, the charm of Hugh Grant, and the speed of Superman. My house is child proofed for Hannibal Lecter....more

Corruption as a Mother of Terror

Corruption is just a particular case of the money obsession that truly became some kind of an "anti-national idea" in Russia. Everyone has heard the furious Patriarch Kirill’s rebuff to the self-seeking cab drivers, who have jacked up the prices for their services and driven the people after the explosions in the metro demanding the crazy rates. However, the cynicism of some of Russian fellow compatriots seems to be boundless....more

A Year After Mumbai Attacks, Public Scrutiny Exposes Systemic Failures

In the build up to President Obama's first state dinner, news anchors wondered in awe and glee what new surprises --- like the now-immortalized Princess Diana-John Travolta twirl --- the occasion would throw up. Given that their guests were the India Prime Minister and his wife, I didn't expect another dance surprise. ...more

...coming from a Mumbaikar, Nita. Thanks and good to see you here again. I'm a lot like you ...more

6 weeks, 7 weeks.

6 weeks Friday, March 20, 2009 ...more

Mumbai attacks: Looking for some character

The three days of excruciating pain that Mumbaikars suffered and survived last month hit home like no other terrorist attack in India, as I watched the horror unfold, safe in my living room 10,000 miles away. I lost a former senior colleague to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel siege. I was saddened, shaken and sobered. The next time, it could be my family or my close friends, in their own homes, in my home country.  ...more

Raj, you are right about the bureaucracy taking more responsibility for their actions. But ...more